EV policies of different states

You need not pay Road Tax, Maharastra does not levy Road and Registration Tax on EV’s. I have paid 868 as RTO charges, dont have the breakup of that though.

We Pune people paid 408+600

Buddy the reaming amount have to be paid when we will take our delivery

Makes no sense when the government has announced in its EV Policy exemption from Road Tax and Registration Fees for Electric Vehicles. @abhishek.balaji Can you please clarify this?

I think the Road Tax is still waived off. MH has 10-12 percent road-tax on the price, so considering we’re just about paying ~1000 bucks to RTO says something. But the lack of clarity from Ather is still disappointing.

And the registration does indeed have to be renewed yearly, as I’ve confirmed from Borivali RTO. And the Smart Card and Postage charges seem to be in line as well. Of course, it still depends on what the actual receipt the dealer gives upon delivery.

As for the “remaining charges on delivery”, isn’t that way too unethical on Ather’s and the Dealer’s part? The final invoice should have all the costs mention on it associated with the 450X or 450 Plus. What’s this method of collecting some additional amount at time of delivery without it being mentioned on the invoice?

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How can I claim subsidy policy in Maharashtra?

This is helpful, thank you @thakur.ketan

Thank you Ketan, Just a quick question after filling in all the details and when you click on the save button it proceeds further or? As I don’t see going further and no message saying Thank you or anything.

I faced the same issue. Nothing happens after clicking Save. I thought there was some problem with the server yesterday and that’s why it wasn’t working. I am going to try it today as well and check if it works.

Hmm, I have tried today but the problem is same.

The Maharashtra government EV subsidy website isn’t working. Looks like they want to give subsidy. :joy:

Lets hope that the portal will be operational soon.

I feel Ather should speak to Maharashtra govt and let us know so we are on clear picture that we will get the Subsidy or not. Request to @abhishek.balaji please speak to concern person and let us know. It’s been 14 days you have replied us the same about finding out for better understanding of work process for subsidy.

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Yep, we’re on it, getting the exact process detailed out along with docs etc that are required.


Thank you for quick response. I am hoping to get positive reply from you in few days. And once again you guys are doing awesome job :wink:

@thakur.ketan youtube link is not opening.

I have disabled the video till the government site starts working. I don’t want anyone to waste time filling up the form and then hit a dead end after clicking Save. I will share the video again once the site starts working. I have deleted the post with the YouTube link as well.


Here you go folks, took a while to gather the process, but this should help. Will share a link with some of the forms and documents required.


In the scrutiny sheet (to be attached to the subsidy claim application) at sl.no.13 & 14 details of battery make and battery number is asked for. Please shed some light and help in identifying these battery specific details.


Hi Abhishek, any update on Maharashtra state subsidy procedure?

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@abhishek.balaji an early update in this regard is highly solicited. Don’t want to lose the state subsidy waiting for this info.

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