Emergency contact number?


Did he (@khomath84) say no load? Oops… I missed then… Then something else would have triggered this…


I suspect it was mis handled while wiring, as I have been living with it peacefully all this while and for it to go for a toss post this installation is clear indication of something messed during the process.


might be… but then how come that 3rd party guy can fix it? Did he fix it at Home Charging point too?

I do understand that installation guys would have meddled it somewhere… but then fuse should blow even after the fix.

I am just wondering about the root cause.


I did mention, the reason I heard is “the wire was burnt”. He only replaced it. Nothing major.

Nothing touched on charging point side.

Now why would this happen ? His suspicion is lose connection.

Post fix I kept the charge point switched on whole day to test and looks fine. I don’t have the bike delivered yet to check that side of the story.


Ignore if my question was irrelevant… sorry about it…

just watch out during the charging…


Not at all… It is very valid and important to realise what would have gone wrong but unfortunately there is only consequences known in this case but not the cause.


@AnaghDeshpande Thanks for understanding the effort and explaining it in the forum. Really greats comments. Appreciate it…… :clap: :clap: :clap:

@rajeshkav I really like the attitude of getting into the problem and finding the solution. Good effort sir…… :clap: :clap: :clap:

@suresshchand great comments written thanks for sharing your experience…… :clap: :clap: :clap:

@raghav.srinivasan great knowledge working towards solution thanks for contributing…… :clap: :clap: :clap:

@khomath84 let go man…. I know you have not had good experience with them… end of the day we are all human beings knowingly or un knowingly we make mistakes…… Just relax keep your anger aside and think for a while. The guys there are putting lot of effort to get things resolved.

Let’s support them and try and help them in fixing things. Like if you have any idea of building good communication channel you can share with them.

Whenever I get time I am trying and collecting data of places where charging stations can be installed. I am thinking of going and talking to shop owners and see if they agree for charging station installation.

Can we concentrate on building good relationships with them it will be helpful for both of us.

I will tell you my personal experience I booked my vehicle on Aug last year got the delivery in Jun.

Till today I have made only 4 calls to Ather that too I missed picking up there call so I called back rest all the calls they made to me. I don’t have any complaints with my bike.

Please give them feed backs but one request is treat everyone like human beings.

They are also learning from their mistakes let’s give them some time.

Hope you understand.


I do not sound goody goody with sweet words like you.
Despite all this I am still buying the bike. I have invested a year+ time and patience.

I don’t just criticize for the the sake of it, there is valid reason and i have fare share contribution with my thoughts on supporting them which I don’t go gaga about.


I am sorry for asking you not to comment here - it is totally wrong on my part to do so.
I am editing those lines which I shouldn’t have put in.
Request you not to be judgmental about me thinking I am not supporting or not trusting them.

@Shreyas thanks for the alert on this and I hope the edited version should not be offending any member in person and you watch out equally.

Hope you understand.


@chethan.bn thanks for the compliment.

@khomath84 you’re being absolutely critical about the company and the people. I’m not a brand ambassador of Ather or they haven’t given me money to talk good about them. But you’re being extremely harsh on them. Certain comments of yours don’t look good on these forums. Please refrain from using such comments.


Is not required.


Neither am I paying you anything to suggest me on to do and not to do.
Save your energy.


Suggestions are free. :wink:


It is sad to see how selective people get, I never targeted the whole company nor all the people. The company and people get there credit where due and likewise they get criticized for wrong doings.

Be fare


I completely understand.

I don’t judge anyone because everybody is different.

I am glad you understood… Thanks for amending the comments Appreciate it

So, in few days you will be Atherian….

Great and enjoy your ride… :smiley:


@AnaghDeshpande no problem at all… :smiley:


Hi, @Ather.Team, for the first time saw a ather 450 being pushed near vivek Nagar cudent able to help feels bad.