Emergency contact number?


Home charging

I had the charger installed at home this morning and the guy seems to have screwed up the cables in the meter box. I have ups and didn’t realise anything in the morning and left home and worst I have no plans to go back home and my family members are suffering from power cut and there is no one from Ather to reach at.

What’s the emergency contact number???




Thanks for the response but I have tried all means Available but no success


They just don’t respond anywhere


Hey @khomath84,

Sorry about the experience you had. While it’s unlikely that the issue would have been caused due to the installation, as we have been doing the same kind of installations over the past 10 months and haven’t seen this happen.

However, to be certain about this, we still will need to check the same, but at this point, we won’t be able to assist as we don’t have any electricians working late. In case It’s an emergency, would recommend you get an electrician’s help.


Forget about electrician, you guys are just screwing up the experience with your tall claims and shitty quality services and behavior most importantly…

This is not the only factor so far in my case.

Your guys read my messages on WhatsApp and doesn’t bother to respond???

Adding to that you have a wrong number for WhatsApp shared via email along with order confirmation.

One of your rep doesn’t take calls but texts me that he is arranging a call but no one calls?

You guys are accountable for all statements made by Tarun in various interviews on different factors. I have already raised few prominent issues with your customer support manager and won’t settle for anything less.

It’s been over months together and you are not able to settle the communication channel - don’t you feel ashamed? You think your periodic apologies substitute?

What’s with your road side assistance?
What happens to riders on street in such situations??


i also agree i have face lots of issues with customer care @Shreyas plz look CC alternative option because tat is only one way communication of your team say call us back they never do tat for this i have follow up again & again simple, i will tell you i want update ather services to ather one services your team said they will send one payment like i can pay differences amount but still now they not send payment link 2400/- difference amount for such small issue i have call follow up last three days , i have dash board issue yesterday team said call us back before EOD till now no responses :frowning: from your services team my vehicle delivered 20 june 19 its 10 days old , already your services team visit my office change horn also , i m feel very disappointed :frowning: ,


Is Ather one not part of the purchase for first year?


No …ather services is 6000/- ather one 8400 so i m paying difference amount 2400/- IN VOICE in only ather services is there


What else you are covered for additional 2400?

The public charging is free till Dec 2019. You need not pay just for this feature I believe. Didn’t the Ather guys discuss with you in detail?


Home charging will be reimbursed. Works out pretty well if you ride around 40+ km a day.


Got it. .


So sorry to hear this… Hope the issue is resolved by now. Will you please update the status and root cause for my/others knowledge?


you call me my number 9164056777


I wanted to reply to this post from yesterday. But I didn’t get time.

Anyway, past two months have been really hard for Ather. They’ve been having a lot off issues because they are trying their best to deliver the bikes to us ASAP. From technical issues to internal communication, everything was messed up. I have had a very rough experience. I don’t exactly call it bad. I do understand what they are going through as a start up. I’ve called them 22 times in a span of 20 days. And 25 emails and a ton of whatsapp messages. I didn’t loose my patience. For I know that they won’t run away or doing all this purposely. Just give them some time and keep following up EVERYDAY. Trust them. You’ll forget everything once you have the bike in hand.


I was and still waiting to hear this very question from ATHER and it is now no surprise that it is not asked by any of them in any means of conversation.

Glad you asked - thanks.

The fuse wire was burnt with time and lost supply after installation - the point was running as the guy asked keep it on for 2 hours. I am still wondering what would it result in when the bike is actually under charge and there is more load.

Got it fixed through third party service.


Raising question doesn’t mean one losing patience nor losing trust.

They are mature and professional enough to take complaints and critics - they better be.

It is not about not having any issues, it is all about how one deals with situation.

Do you even see response after one single post from any of them here?

Trying to give an excuse to defend a situation is different from showing an intent to care for the circumstance and consequences.

It is like having a masterpiece in some senseless morons’ hand. Bunch of guys have built this beauty but bunch of them screwing the reputation royally.


Just watch out in your next charging period… If the fuse blows again, then there is something wrong. Usually MCB (circuit breaker) should take care of such scenarios.


My experience with ather communication with calls or email till date was excellent, calld no of times nd dey attend each time with positive response. If one or 2 time missed dey make sure to call back. Nd with email too dey replied each. :v:t2:


Without the bike plugged in the load would be a standby/idle load and that shouldn’t have triggered the fuse outage on its own. Best you check what grade of wire was used in the fuse box.