Economy version of Ather

Hello Ather please create a economy version of Ather with same design and built, by just cutting the cost in these things 1)Display small, only showing battery power and speed, but still connected to mobile phone to show other information to user on app. 2) Normal Drum breaks in the place of disc breaks. 3)You can also debunk reverse gear option, which is not very essential in general situation.
I think with these three changes, we can reduce the price by 50k or more, making it more affordable with same comfort and performance.

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only physical changes can reduce the cost. So your points 1 & 2 are good suggestions, but reverse gear is just a switch removal (so no cost reduction there).

It’ll take changes to the motor, battery and moreover the alloy chassis to reduce the cost significantly, unless there are other ways to monetize from the scooter. So that will be more of a non-ather-y scooter.