E - Experience Centre

Hi. So we know that ather is launching in new cities like there’s no tomorrow and that’s a beautiful thing. I just thought, why shouldn’t ather develop an 'E - Experience Centre? A lot of things are going online now because of COVID, some people may want to just buy the vehicle even without test drive or would like to have the showroom experience from their homes. I think ather should have one online centre that’s modelled just like their typical EC. Example: You go near the chassis and you can get all the information you need, you could even have a virtual sales person. There’s no end to the possibilities.

So guys, any thoughts?


Even I bought without test ride

They could use Google’s street view for it considering they have tie up for maps

they cant use “Traffic Data” from google due to API :slight_smile: guess street view is out of range

Thouht is so very nice. That involves Augmented and Virtual reality tech.

But let us talk facts and for few days it is better we don’t dream for futuristic hifi ideas. Since now most of the owners are at their peak frustration levels (maximum), so let Ather hopefully clear the real world issues, the basic real world experience to not the best levels but to a normal level then we can talk about these virtual world experiences.

Because we are all fed up of over possitive and over negative posts all over the forum. So better we talk ground realities. These kind of ideas posted in forum for now will draw negative posts more than possitive or normal posts.

No offence @maniashwin3003 I just am mentioning the ground reality. It will be really good to see if such an experience is provided. It will be futuristic.

I never understood this excuse for not having goood maps with live traffic, that updates live, that speaks to you before turns. How is Tesla doing it? Just like when we ask “why there is so much difference between the actual gps speed & speed shown on the dashboard? Ather says its due to regulation. Matlab kuch bhi?? Remember calling customer care? When they don’t know anything or don’t want you to know the real reason behind something they will simply say “sir its company policy…”:rage::rage:

It is definitely regulation and not Kuch bhi!. read the below two posts


That regulation is a waste. In India anything that comes to mind get regulated. Tesla goes 0-100 in 2 secs. Or are they lying by showing higher speed? Who is regulating the displayed speed there? That’s why I say “matlab kuchh bhi…”

It’s not something only in India. India has never been known to create new rules and specifications in the automotive world. We only copy things from other countries mostly from Germany and America. This speedo rule the same world over and has been in force since many many years. This is to accommodate all the variable parameters and tolerances right from manufacturing to calibration to measurement. Tesla or Tata, Ferrari or Maruti - everywhere the indicated speed is higher than the real speed. It is not lying but just science because the vehicles don’t run in ideal conditions.

ISI or ARAI in India and other such organisations in other countries make sure that the instruments meet these regulations.

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Once again that might not be true. I have watched so many 1000 kms challenge videos by Bjorn Nyland. He compares gos speed with the speed that car shows & most of the cars aren’t off by as much as Ather’s dashboard. The difference can surely come down. I think they don’t want to because higher speed on the dash looks good while selling. :wink: peace :v: