Dynamic chassis and powerful brakes - Any motor upgrade in future?

From one month experience with Ather 450, I observed
“Ather 450 is capable of reaching more than 120 km/hr speed” as

  1. Stiff suspension - suspension is very hard and friendly for high speeds
  2. Powerful brakes - low stopping distance without losing confidence
  3. Tires with good grip(dry surface)

In my opinion, the weakest part in Ather 450 with respect to performance is

  1. Motor (10kW peak power will be matching with this chassis)
  2. Battery - Ofcourse to get better range with powerful motor.

Any upgrade (motor/battery) is possible in future?

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i don’t think motor requires upgrade in terms of capacity, when you consider in relation to battery pack they have,

but definitely in terms of improving performance by manging temperature thereby achieving constant peak performance

also improve ip rating

mostly higher KW motors are powerful but may not be efficient … it you consider motor i/p watt vs o/p work = efficiency is less at lower rpm hence if you drive more in city >> non efficient big time.

more powered motor means more Kwh battery ideally (if you consider ideal 1C discharging scenario and related charge cycles) any changes in weight/dimensions in scooter will change its entire driving dynamics