Driving on sand?

I have been enjoying my 450X since I bought, a couple of months ago. Wanted to check with other experts if we can actually drive 450X on [river] sand bed? Well, you may call it a bit of “off roading”. Just getting greedy, I guess.


Avoid unless you upgraded the tyres, since Sand is a lose gravel and ather has a little bit too much Torque it will cause the wheel to slip on those MRF tyres


Like any vehicle, if you want to ride/drive on a river bed or beach or any such soft sand, the tyre pressure must be really low. Drive/ride really slow. And yes Do it at your own risk


Thanks folks. I understand about the tyre upgrade and pressure.

The real intent behind this query - What about the strain on the Motor? I guess, I missed this in my first post.


I had tried a slow entry into a near-beach sand. It didn’t go more than a meter before I sensed the trap and gently reversed out of it. Thankfully the rear wheel had not come deep in, but the front tyre was getting buried with every move.

There is good chance the scooter will dig deep into sand and it’s going to be hard to pull out once stuck.


Thanks so much and your “Early Access & tester” tag is for real :slight_smile: