Dissatisfied with the ATHER scooter in just 4 months of delivery


          With reference to my vehicle registration number KA44 X 8182, I bring to your kind notice that my Ather is not functioning since 15 th November 2021 morning. Neither screen is displaying nor the vehicle is starting.

The scooter was purchased on 19th April 2021 with Invoice no. IA035168802 and taken delivery on 30th June 2021. The problem has begun just six months of the purchase. How to relay your company if it’s happening like this? I called your service team and was informed to bring the scooter to service centre.You have nearest service centres only in Bangalore and Mysore, both are about 120 kms from our place Turuvekere.

Who is going to pay the conveyance for the transit? Hence I request your good self to solve the problem here itself or pick up the vehicle from here or pay the conveyance for transportation of vehicle, as the fault is yours.

Please do the needful and reply soon for further action. Thanking you.


Hello @nvbl26, not sure if the sales reps mentioned this to you back when you bought it, but Ather takes no responsibility for the vehicles taken outside their coverage area. In other words, the company does not promote taking Ather beyond cities where it is present and if you are choosing to use your vehicle outside these cities, then you are yourself responsible for bringing it to the nearest service center at your expense, since they never sold you your scooter in Turuvekere. After all, it is unfair to take your scooter 120 kms beyond their coverage limits and expecting the company to come and address your problems or pick it up when you need servicing, right?


Your company given service only within Bangalore means u people sell vehicle only for Bangalore people s only. Y r selling vehicles to other district, but not giving service other district s. Even we payed service pack cost also.


I agree with you Naveen sir… If the services are meant for only city people,why the company is selling vehicles to other towns.Let the company sell the people to Bangalore people only. How many scooters are being sold to the cities other than Bangalore or Mysore.The company should think of extending services but seems that it is limiting it’s services… This is not fair on the future prospectus of the company…


S At least weekly 3 days provide mobile service station in district level means we will pay and use service’s.

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Which service pack? Service lite or service pro?

Service lite


Hi @nvbl26 , Did you tried to reset.

Happened once with me, press Both brakes and start button for 30 sec to 1 min it might reboot/reset. do this few times, i have to do this 3-4 times.

hope this helps and you are saved of sending it to service center.


Harshit is just another owner, he is not an employee.

I am not sure how it is now, but earlier Ather wouldn’t invoice a vehicle if the address proof did not have a Bangalore address.

Anyone insisting on purchasing a vehicle from outside Bangalore are doing so at their own risk. There are owners here from Tumkur who were aware of the risks and still took delivery. He even drove down for a recent scheduled maintenance.

The service lite plan does not include pick up and drop off even for Bangalore owners. So, you’d anyway have to drop off for service on your own.