Display not working

My bike is 14 months old. My display / sound not working. I am not able know the status of bike range. I have not taken subscription so my app not showing kms remaining.

First I tried to restart display by holding both breaks and start-key but didn’t start. I tried to full shutdown but without display that will not work. Hoping Ather will solve issue at early. Till then I am not able to use bike.

Please reach out customer support once the lockdown restrictions are eased up. If this is urgent, let us know and we’ll see how we can prioritise this.

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I tried calling customer service. But they say they can’t repair the vehicle till lockdown opens up. I have become handicapped without my bike. This is the time to refine your customers support.

Services is a major connection between industry and customers. If no proper service then people loose interest your products and company.

Lockdown is not new now. You can arrange lesser staff to attend in emergency. People use bike for short trips around. If something goes wrong and bike laying useless till lockdown is open then it will creat bad impression. Once lockdown opens then lot of vehicle stranded will be pooled into service creating chaos. Then later endless waiting. Lot of Service loads. Desperately waiting customer.

This can be avoided if minor repairs can be done at doorstep. Plan your service wing for lockdown issues. Pandemic stays with us for other couple of years.

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Ather is not classified as an essential service, so sending their staff for service calls or keeping their service center open will be a violation of the lockdown restrictions.

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