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I’m presently in yearly subscription for service and connectivity, what happens if I change to quarterly plan now, will I get refund of remaining amount

You won’t get a refund. When your renewal comes up, you will be charged for quarter instead of next year.

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My quarterly paid subscription has ended today. I do not want to take any subscription now and I may want to decide after a few months. Is there any restriction from Ather in doing this?

There is no restriction. You can subscribe again later.

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Thanks for clarity. Does referral bonus expire?

Why there is no subscription model yet in Jaipur?

@abhishek.balaji my subscription expired yesterday and promptly from today dashboard navigation, and home tab on my app are disabled. As per this update, the subscription will be extended for a month, right? Why is this not updated?

It’s not immediate. Do check the post as mentioned.

Thanks Abhishek. I have recharged the subscription. Hoping to get an extension in this quarter.

Hello @abhishek.balaji My connect pro was extended but not the service pro. Why is that? I got 450X Series 1 last month.

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Posting in relevant thread

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@abhishek.balaji waiting for reply on this

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Waiting on this @abhishek.balaji

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I renewed my subscription and I am still getting this. sent an email on the 23rd June and no response.

Are people even working to care to reply?

It’s been 7 days with no response and 3 times I have sent the email now with reminders and you keep sending me email to renew, does it make sense? ???

Please look into this matter for me @abhishek.balaji and get you team to reply. Do you have SLA for the email responses ? or keep me updated?

Thanks a million Siddesh, for calling me up and getting this fixed immediately. Much much appreciate it when things works with a good speed for resolution, keeps me happy and motivated.

@abhishek.balaji - thanks too for getting fixed fast. Enjoy your day.


Hi, pls throw some light o n effective pricing after Maharashtra ev policy. For Pune City.


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heyy @abhishek.balaji the maharashtra ev Topic is showing is private please help and tell us about details i want to buy ather 450x i have already pre booked it


It seems Ather is upset with upcoming launch of Ola electric vehicles. I could see ather is stopping buy back guarantee for vehicles purchases after July 31st. A desperate attempt to engage more customers by stopping buyback.

I’m surprised why they don’t show revised pricing as per Maharashtra State ev policy on their website.


Because Offer and at July 31st I can’t buy it Ather 450x . From Ather Showroom staf said you must done your payment right now so you can be eligible for offer(because in ahmedabad 15days waiting & I will purchase wia loan by Other bank so bank said it will take 14days to pass a loan ) now Ather vs Ola this offer in favor me to purchase Ather if this offer is not available than I wait & buy OLA.

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