Discussions on charging the 450X

The 450X can be charged three ways:

  1. Home Charger - Ather Dot included with your purchase
  2. Portable Charger as an optional accessory
  3. Fast charging at Ather Grid

Home Charging & Portable charger
The charging times using the Ather Dot and portable charger are the same.

0-80%: 3 Hours 35 Minutes
0-100%: 5 Hours 45 Minutes

Fast charging at Ather Grid
0-50%: 1.45 km/min
50-80%: 1.1 km/min

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SSo I guess the Ather point already installed for the 450 would be useless with the 450x? just like the updated 450s? What happens to the Ather point installed at home if an existing 450 user upgrades? I really prefer the Ather point to the Ather DOT. @abhishek.balaji can you answer this query?

Is the existing portable charger (the smaller v1 version) compatible with the 450X?

v1 will not be compatible

Does the upgraded Grid with faster charging work with the 450? I mean, am sure it works but is it faster too?

Ather Point cannot be used anymore for the 450X, you’ll have to use the Dot.

So what happens to the Ather point which existing 450 users own? Do we get to sell it as well? I think the upfront cost was about 10k?

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Yes, the third party partner who would facilitate the exchange will consider the home charger as well.

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Is electricity bill going to be reimbursed for monthly plan as well as outright purchase?

The bill reimbursements are for the Ather One plans. If you’re taking the battery subscription plan, you will have an option to upgrade to the Ather One plan. If you’re buying upfront, it’s not mandatory to take a subscription, but the data services and related features would not work. Here, you’ll have an option to choose between Ather Connect/Charge/Service and One.

Is the 450X portable charger 5A or 15A?

It’ll work at 1km/min, but the 50% increase in charging comes from the new updated BMS in the 450X battery pack.

Can u share the fast charging plan in Mumbai. How soon you’ll setup and they are available / functional. I believe you guys must have worked beyond announcements now. Possibly proximity to every other station.

We are working with multiple locations for setting up Ather Grid plans, but don’t have anything significant to announce as of now. We’ll let you know once the points are setup. Rest assured, before deliveries begin, you’ll have Ather Grid locations setup along with an experience centre.

Can we choose portable charger instead of Ather Dot in the inclusive price of scooter?

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Yes. you can. With the 450X you will get either Ather DOT or portable charger.

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But it is not mentioned in website @abhishek.balaji any confirmation from ather?

Read this

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Just putting here the energy consumption for charging Series 1 from 30% to 100% using DOT.


The live reading of 2W be the idle current of Dot?