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I have not decided yet, but the internal one is in my wishlist. Btw, what is the rim size of Ather 450?

Also, Is Ather TPMS (which is under development) going to fit Ather 450 as well?

I have tried with the external sensor, As @raghav.srinivasan have mentioned they are really a pain to remove when you want to top-up the air . I thought of buying this https://www.amazon.in/SensAiry-SEN2W-R17-R17/dp/B07C53FQC8/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d_1?pd_rd_w=z0cNF&pf_rd_p=c73ae247-df22-4165-a0d3-8a44b3912d44&pf_rd_r=RZ6VZXVTJ8AV0HFR4Z0B&pd_rd_r=1d6c510e-09f0-43c7-88cd-ac4fdafd7d4d&pd_rd_wg=ICJUb&pd_rd_i=B07C53FQC8&psc=1

They needs to be installed at a good tire repair shop mostly because the tires needs to be removed completely and needs to be fixed in. But this is one time trouble I hope, and eliminates all the future troubles

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Right, I was referring to the same Product. It has good reviews and many team-bhp owners have used it for their cars over last 2-3 years.

If their battery life claim is reliable, then doing it once in 2 years is much better than being a hassle for every refill.

Please post your feedback if you end up trying.

If I am not mistaken, the sensors will connect via BLE with the android dash. Unfortunately, since our 450s dot. Have any sort of wireless hardware, I doubt it would work for us.

Unless!, Ather decides to allow access to the sensors via the app as well.

Yeah - It wont be available in dashboard. But, if they can still link it thru app like any after-market TPMS works, then should be fine.

Technically, dashboard can still show it just like how Push Location from App works (TPMS -> App -> Cloud -> Dashboard). It will be delayed, but that’s better than not having at all.

@abhishek.balaji - Can you confirm if TPMS is planned to be available for Ather 450 as well? If so, then we would not need to go for a 3rd party one.

This is available at Madhus tyre care at langford road. The last time I had been there, they had offered me to install this (internal TPMS) , but i chose to skip for now. Pockets were tight! 🥲

I feel the mi portable tyre inflator gives the current tyre pressure and the convenience of topping up the same time!


Like @raghav.srinivasan said, we can live without any of these accessories… Just need regular top-up in home or nearby petrol pump… That’s what we did all these years :smiley:

We are trying to get the missing TPMS (which is going to be there for 450X).

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Mi Air Pump is in my wish list… If not for Covid, I would have got it long back… Because, I was not even using 100 km per month in the past 1 year, did not want to buy and waste my warranty without even using it :smiley:

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This comes at the same price as the TPMS. I recommend you get this.
These Tons will only tell you that your air pressure is low. But the mi compressor is so much more practical.

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I got the mi pump and it is worth it! All our cycles, bikes and car, and football and floating tubes for the river, and from tomorrow, 450x is listed in service.

No doubt that Mi Air Pump is a must-buy regardless of TPMS. The portability Mi pump offers is a saviour.

TPMS is just for that extra little smart feature. Just like all the below features which are helpful, but none of them deal breakers.

  • A smart plug helping you to control charging remotely.
  • Ability to push location from app.
  • Ability to check charging status from app.

Ather should / may have considered this done. While 450x has the capability and not hardware limited the TPMS data can be pushed to the app. since if there is a small air leak and you left it unattended the app can remind to fill up the air. But for 450 I have considered using the internal TPMS since I just cannot check every time to know what’s the pressure inside the tire. Carrying a portable Air compressor like MI is also very helpful. I bought it way before they launched in India. through aliexpress.

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Right, I think it is technically possible. Some one correct me if I am wrong.

The hardware can remain same. Only the integration with app will be different for Ather 450 and 450X because of non-availability of bluetooth.

450X: TPMS -> Vehicle Bluetooth -> Dashboard -> Cloud -> App

450: TPMS -> Phone Bluetooth -> App -> Cloud -> Dashboard

There are only 2 services that do a Phone -> Cloud -> Dash service calls : Maps and Documents. They would have to build an entirely new service to integrate this.

Also there is a huge dependency on phone Bluetooth being on all the time and the app running in the background for TPMS data to sync continuously.

You are right Raghav. Bluetooth and data are pre-requisite. A new service call flow is required as well.

It should not be super difficult, considering it opens up option for 1000s of Ather 450.