I came in for a delivery today at last with family but here it goes a complete disappointment

  1. Scooter is with a very visible scratch already

  2. No one is there to really answer what’s the next step.

  3. Scooter taken back from delivery area

4.comes back stating we have rubbed it it all gone but has a small hole in it. Advises to take the delivery

  1. I refuse, asked for a manager( someone was contacted and told Roshan is in meeting

  2. Gokul arrives (30mins past) advises that he will get the panel changed but i can take delivery n come back later to get it replaced as it would take time as service people are on lunch. No alternate available.

  3. I really was put back I was of no priority , delivery with this quality services looked fine to Ather team.

  4. I Called up the customer center, they spoke to Gokul who arrives and states I’ll get it changed in Half hour.

BY NOW IVE LOST ALL MY PATIENCE NO ONE TO TALK TO WHO CAN HANDLE SITUATION BETTER , my family with kids hangs on n on and made in to wait.

Please choose a better place for delivery , we couldn’t sit in lobby with all smokers smoking gladly had to shift my family to my car, no basic courtesy offered or acknowledged.

I sit disappointed and even after all this and escalated to you guys I have no response from any one of you I did wait for a response as told by you guys but this is the truth to digest that I’ve lost it.

If you think this is how a brand new vehicle should look like trust me something is is wrong… I have not even touched the vehicle yet but see this.


Welcome to the club.

Terrible - I am really surprised why Ather cannot take care of such basic issues. How can they ask customers to take delivery with scratches on the vehicle? And then the software issues that follow after that … wonder what QC is done.

The delivery experience is by far the worst. I also had a similar experience (minus the scratches on the vehicle). Seems more like a e-commerce delivery service process.


Yeah!!! They have nothing worked out on many lines of services.

After all this I have escalated to CS who read the verbatim very well, promises a time to come back with solutions and answers but no go. Am still waiting for response with absolutely no hope to get one.

Terrible and what a shame am spending so much time for something I should have used for a better product experience.

Ather you guys have no value for our time and money.

If you say something stick to it , If you can’t then don’t just say or comeback with reasonable answers so we don’t waste time following up paying every penny.

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Hello , Ather advertises with all the features which aren’t still available in 450x. I had lots of hope on ather , They’ll lose our hopes on 'em some day. The scooter is still not completely ready (they are advertising).

I would like to share my dissapointments in here.


1.Dashboard Freezes ( unable to acces reverse parking manier times) 2.Scooter gets on with key😂 3.App doesn’t sync( doesn’t work properly also unable to access the near by ather grid points ,shows list of ather grid points) 4.I had very bad experience with customer care service team ( they’ll not respond to our mails also they don’t have proper information about the product itslef) 5.Bluetooth connectivity is still not available in 450x (they are advertising with all the connectivity feature and unable to serve the customers with the complete product) 6.Documents are visible wider in the dashboard 7.Maps do not work properly , they don’t open as soon I switch to maps,unable to access the favourite places and also unable to get the list of nearby charging points. 7.Flap of charging point don’t close properly. 8.Unable to lock the scooter with an ease ( I requested the doorstep service , service man couldn’t repair and then requested to doorstep pickup ,took the vehicle for about twice even then I’m unable to lock the scooter properly) 9.The series 1 stickers aren’t sticking properly ( have airbubbles). 10.I’m experiencing back pain while riding , I don’t know what exactly is the reason behind. 11.The company didn’t provide footmat. 12.I could see that there are many black spot on the FRT Fender(Rear) as well as Body cover (lower). I’m cleaning the vehicle everyday and removing the black spots even then I could see the spots everyday. I would request @abhishek.balaji to go through the below images and help me to get out of this issue. 13)The Autoindicator doesn’t work properly.

From the photos, these doesn’t look like black spots, rather scratches or very small dents.

Get your seat changed. Increase the height a bit and get some firm padding . It’ll help. You don’t need a floor mat. The floor board itself is as rugged as a floor mat. If you still want one you can buy one from https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/discussion-on-accessories/770/907?u=suraj_madhu

That’s a result of the terrain your riding on probably. For spots to get there, it must have stuck onto your tyre.

I told you to buy the 450 instead XP It’s much more stable after 2 yrs. The 450X will still take time to get a stable software for the dashboard.

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Lol. I wonder what would happen if they made aeroplanes with this kind of mentality.

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Well, airplanes also have glitches but they have aton of redundancies built in to allow the plane to function normally. Almost all of the dashboard freezes don’t affect the driveability of the scooter. It’s like driving with a broken speedometer. I’m not supporting the mentality of releasing a scooter with incomplete software. All I’m saying is. It takes time, just like tesla took years to get the model 3 right. And look where they are now. Startups will make these mistakes. All I can say is I have high hopes for the future.

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Welp, my 450 used to intermittently shut down and reboot mid ride. The motor would not respond for this duration. Who knows what surprises the X has in store?

Ather have been around for over 5 years now. If a different company would be failing so hard at building a decent UI/UX right now, I bet you’d be pointing and laughig at them, not comparing them with Tesla.

Here is a case in point: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/mobile-laptop-charger-port-at-underseat-storage/4297?u=blackworks

By the way, Tesla isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either, and rightly get laughed at and sued for all the stuff they send out half baked to test on their customers. If that’s the gold standard for comparison, then it’s time to re-evaluate said standards.

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Never happened to me. I’ve done hard rests while riding many times.

I have no incentive to not lash out on ather bro. Really. I just don’t own a 450X and the 450 that I do own has no issues and that’s why I’m saying what I’m saying.

The hard reality is no other company even has a product 🤦

Well yes it is the standard I’m choosing to use. Cuz there really are isn’t any other standard.

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I faced this issue a handful of times. The indicators would stop responding to the switch, then a minute or so later, the entire system would simply reboot. Sometimes the motor would remain under control while the reboot was in progress and sometimes it wouldn’t. Issue seemed to disappear after the screen was replaced under warranty.

I understand that. And you’re very lucky. I feel like I just spent an extra 80k on a paintjob, after I already had a paintjob on the 450.

True, but that doesn’t justify a cowboy approach to automotive manufacturing. Lives are literally at stake here, and also peoples’ hard earned money.

I can relate to you Santosh. I had written about my experience at the time of delivery!!! Just pathetic!!! It is an Engineers company not a service company… as long as they have a winning product they will be the leaders!!! But we have sufficient historical examples of what happened to such leaders who care a damn for their customers!!! Well, I am a proud owner of 450X for past 1week… Product rating 9/10, customer 3/10


I had similar issues, got new scratches as gift from service center, lack of cleanliness, grease marks all over body panels and fingerprints (I have white Ather 450), cracked rear panel, water marks etc…

Ufff! Pathetic experience so far with Ather Service…!

Hey @santhoshnagarajegowd, as I understand from the team, they’ve delivered your vehicle after resolving the issues. This topic will be closed in a few hours if there’s no new response.

@bhoomikasbidari have escalated your issue as well to the team, they’ll reach out to you and resolve it accordingly.

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