Disable engine on fall

I had an unfortunate accident yesterday, and got caught between Ather and an ICE scooter after toppling. When the good folks around lifted up Ather to release me, it started revving to 90 instantly. Luckily the rear wheel was in the air and my hand was near the kill switch so I could press it. Otherwise it would have sent a couple of us flying :sweat_smile:.

I was in the impression that IMU would sense the fall and disable the motor. It is very important to have for safety because of the relentless torque we enjoy from the twist, especially in⚡. Was it a thing or is it still in the feature requests section? (I could not find in search).


Moved it to the feature request category

First of all hope you haven’t suffered any major injury. This is a very good suggestion. I can completely relate to your experience. My Scooter’s first fall also was similar to this. luckily I killed the motor using tge kill switch, or else the good Samaritan who helped me to lift up the scooter would’ve caused another accident

Something similar to this below video (you can skip to 00:40 if you want).


Yes , This is good feature suggestion. :wink:


If it was Ather in that video it’d have climbed a building 🥲. Just saw that up close and personal. The dashboard in Red showing 91 km/h and using my left elbow to disengage the kill switch; could not even lift my palm to reach out. And then turning back my head to make sure the wheel, still spinning like frenzy, minced nothing :cold_sweat:.

Another danger is that since it doesn’t make ICE noises, people close by might not notice the deadly spin.


Hey bud, hope u are all ok and doing good.Thats one heck of a suggestion man.Hope this gets upvoted and reaches the final feature addition in coming updates.