Delivery delays - in Mar-April 2021, Bangalore

hi, for my order #83461 - all steps except ‘delivery’ have been completed. IN the meantime after a follow up, I was told to ‘provide a post dated cheque’ for 29K (~fame subsidy) to secure delivery! Is this a correct process? what if fame subsidy is not provided? in spite of making all payments, registration and insurance all paid by the customer, Ather wants tis PDC guarantee! Has anyone in Bangalore, got the scooter delivered via this process and what has hapened to the PDC ?

If Ather is unable to validate your FAME2 eligibility on the central govt website while invoicing, they will ask for a PDC as a fail safe and still deliver the vehicle with FAME2 subsidy applied.

If at a later point they are able to validate and find you are not eligible (you may have already used this for a previous EV 2W purchase) then they might encash that cheque, else return it to you.

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Adding to what Raghav mentioned, currently, there’s a technical issue in the FAME portal. In normal conditions, you’ll have to share an OTP at the time of delivery to validate your FAME eligibility, so that the subsidy comes to us.

In the last few days, the mechanism of sending OTPs is broken on the FAME portal. Once the portal is back up, the team will reach out to you to share the OTP, once that is done, they’ll hand over the cheque back to you, as long as your eligibility is valid.

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