Creating a post to discuss Delivery Timelines and Experience for Pune City.

Anyone living in Pune and has purchased Ather 450x recently? If so, how much was the waiting period?

The local dealer should be able to give the correct timelines depending on the stock, time required for processes and the off days during the festivals.

Thanks for reaching out; I’ve already booked Ather 450x from BU Bhandari Pune Showroom and he has quoted 15-20 days for grey model

No problem! If the dealer has quoted that timeline, it should take those number of days. Also festivals round the corner so maybe it will cause delays if it has not been taken into the account. Welcome to the community, enjoy Warping :zap::sunglasses:

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Received a mail and the app shows that my Ather has been delivered….except that it hasn’t been actually delivered.

It has been around 6 days since my registration and number has been approved. I still have not heard anything from the dealer regarding the delivery

Did you finally get your bike ?