Deliveries in lockdown

My 450x has been registered and yet to schedule for delivery but if lockdown has been implemented. In this case what am I suppose to do even I have made query regarding this in the customer support. It’s not easy for letting the bike as it is just for the arrival of hsrp number plate even after every other process has completed.

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Maybe I’m just missing it, but can you please clarify what the query or request to action is? Are you checking if deliveries will still happen even during lockdown?

I got the bike… Thanakuu😊

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Will there be deliveries in lockdown

Hi Pranesh, can you tell me in which city was the delivery?

It’s chennai ec… and I heard that even they closed till 9th may

Hi,How to check the tentative delivery date as I have preordered on February 20th and still have not received any updates on the order.

Whether Chennai will have deliveries during lockdown (06-May-2021 to 20-May-2021)?

Mostly not… I’m not sure bro

Hello, Even though the big shops are supposed to be closed, ather are doing everything they can do give deliveries even in lock down. I got my vehicle just yesterday.

RTO process everything happened in a matter of 3 days for me.

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Have u seen the news now… in tn

yes, i saw. But stores still allowed to be open till 12pm.

Got vehicle yesterday. Wednesday RTO done and Friday got delivered. Thanks Ather.

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can you tell about delivery at lockdown?


Same problem iam also facing …but ask new subsidy policy… because we paid full amount and not get scooter

I seem to have reached a period of Zen mode :laughing: paid up the full amount on April 17th and the excitement has died along with it.