Deliveries During Lockdown

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I completed payment for my Ather 450x on 23rd May 2021. The only step remaining is RTO registration. A few people are saying that RTOs are functional t the moment in Bangalore. I would like to know whether Ather would be able to get the registration done and deliver the scooter during lockdown. Thanks.

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Same here waiting for the delivery in delhi rto is working here but ather refuse to deliver bike due to lockdown reason on both state banglore and delhi i hope this will be on priority when govt lift the restrictions from both state

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27th May here, waiting :slight_smile:

My delivery was slated between May 10th - 15th…waiting for my Series 1 !!

On another note, I really doubt RTOs have opened. I think Ather Energy should utilize this lockdown time to at least install pending DOTs at residences whose bookings have been confirmed. I got an email saying the person was coming to install the DOT on April 28th, but lockdown started from 27th itself !!

My vehicle is also pending RTO registration.

Any news of Karnataka Unlock !?! When are RTOs going to open…and even if they do, how long will it take for deliveries ?!

Can Ather team provide some information on this !?

Same here, Order ID: 76643, Payment made on 21 April 2021, No update from Ather… total silence - the least we expect is some sort of periodic communication on what the status is and how things are / will pan out once restrictions are lifted, estimated delivery times post lifting of restrictions, etc.

It’s very unnerving to see that all they care about is following up with you until you have made a payment after that it does not seem to be a priority for them to keep in touch with the customer. I understand there is a lockdown in progress but i don’t think that means its a paid vacation for employees of Ather - all they need is access to a computer/ mobile with an internet connection and they can keep in touch/ communicate with customers while staying safe.

The worrying thing is if this is how they behave before delivery of a vehicle I shudder to think how lacklustre their approach will be if we raise an issue that needs to be rectified once we have received the vehicle.


I totally agree with you on this. I hope they contact us ASAP

@abhishek.balaji can you provide us with some information

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@abhishek.balaji an you please give us some info here ?!

My ordering and delivery experience was horrible too. It takes out all the fun and excitement in ordering a scooter. Especially something you’re paying so much for. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people who’ve booked it months in advance. There’s so much potential the company has. I wish they would evaluate everything they’re doing and listen to constructive criticism.