Delay in Ather One renewal

I got into some serious trouble today because of subscription plan renewal. I guess today is the 5th day since my active subscription has ended. I was actually waiting for the 3rd week of Nov so that I can opt for the yearly subscription of the Connect Pro & Service Lite plan (since i prefer annual payment than the quarterly). I hope there are many who are waiting to subscribe the new pricing.

It was very unfortunate that the cops seized by scooter which was parked in the no parking zone. I reached my vehicle before the guys would load it on their truck and started taking to the officer in charge. He asked me to show my license, Insurance & RC. I opened my scooter’s dashboard & guess what, it didn’t load these images since I was not on active subscription.

Extremely frustrated I was searching my phone for any images of the same. I found the insurance copy on mail, and the vehicle RC on Digilocker. But my DL didn’t load on the Digilocker because it was “Pending Verification”. There was no one at home who could have taken the pic of the license and send it on whatsapp.

The officer asked me to pay 500 for parking violation & 1500 for not having a License. I decided to pay for the Ather Subscription at the old cost instead of paying the fine. I did this in a few moments hoping that the subscription will be activated immediately. (Which I notice happened last time when i payed in July). Guess what, I got the bill from Ather for renewing my subscription within a minute but this has not been pushed to the vehicle even as i type this post.

So my question to @abhishek.balaji & the Ather team is why can’t you have these documents available locally on the vehicles storage. Does it have t0 be fetched from the server every time. Imagine an Ather owner in the same situation but in a location there the ISP network is not available. I understand the business behind the pricing & functions of the subscription plan but why can’t the vehicle still fetch important information like the document.Is the vehicle not sending any information to Ather server for analytic without active subscription ?

Finally, this incident happened at 9:30 this morning. I paid the subscription at about 9:45am and still the vehicle is not updated even though I received the invoice immediately. What does Ather have to say about that. Not considering the fine for parking violation, I ended up paying 1500 for not having a license and the cost of subscription which is still not activated.


I opted for Ather Connect about a month back but a Customer Care rep told me it’ll activate only within 48 hours. That was kind of a bummer, because I was planning to visit an unknown location that day and needed maps but I guess I had to use my phone like a peasant 🤷 I think they should try and activate new subscriptions within an hour at most.


Documents are not saved locally? That’s bad… What if someone needs to access the documents in a location with poor network?

I think there is more of a business model behind this decision. Otherwise, I’m sure there will be multiple instances of people choosing to not get any plan under the assumption that they will just quickly get Ather Connect Pro if and when they get into trouble with the cops or lose their vehicle; or get Ather Service plan immediately only if their vehicle gives up in the middle of the road.

The delay makes sense so as to not entertain such scenarios, I guess?

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After my plan expired, I did not renew my subscription waiting to see the new plans. Anyway it was lying idle almost every day :smiley:

But, one day there was a need where I might take scooter to unknown location next day.

So, called customer care to check if the plan will be activated by next day morning. But, I was told it will take between 24-48 hours.

Given everything is cloud enabled in Ather - this should be done quickly.

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I don’t think so. But it’s not fair if Ather does it intentionally. They did not pay for that day alone. The payment is for entire quarter or year.

So delaying it so that customer will do continuous renewal is not right and I m pretty sure Ather won’t do it ever.

I may be wrong, but could it be that the data connection gets suspended at the service provider end when one does not renew after the grace period?

If then, there could be a delay from the service provider in enabling the connection.

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Technically possible. But I m not sure how Ather is handling the gaps in the service period for all the SIMs.

That’s a bad situation to be in. I wish nobody gets in such a situation.

  1. Avoid parking in no parking areas.
  2. Keep your licence copy handy… how much ever technologically advanced we are we can’t rely on it completely. Murphy always has the last laugh remember. I have the DL document in my scooter, phone, email, digilocker and a hardcopy in the wallet

But that said… the activation should happen in a jiffy. We are in 21st century and when a new postpaid connection, mobile number portability, prepaid to postpaid all happens in a matter of minutes…this should not take so much time.

Also the document must be present in the vehicle and not always in the cloud. Any update via the phone app need not happen when there is no active subscription but whatever is already uploaded should be available to the user. Not sure what’s the memory available right now but atleast once the android dashboard is available…I guess there is enough memory to store these documents.


Dashboard has storage capacity of 4gb and it is a lot of space.

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Documents are downloaded saved locally and will be available even if there is zero signal. To discourage people who prefer no plan this is being done by ather i suppose.

@karthikr1995 let us know if after your renewal the old documents comes back or you have to upload them again

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I think so too because

  1. When I was on a plan and I was in an area with no mobile network and the documents were able to load
  2. When you’re not on a plan, I think the scooter is still connected and just doesn’t let you access your documents.

@abhishek.balaji I had asked on the forum a while back, about not being on a plan and if even then ather is collecting our diagnostic data and ride statistics.


Also, if it can be stored locally during active subscription, it can be stored locally when not in subscription also. I think it may still be there.

@HarshaVardhan, NO after the renewal I didn’t have to upload those documents again. It was already available both on the app & the scooter.

Also I noticed all the ride log & location from the days without subscription has been synced to the app. If you see the image I posted of my dashboard, you can notice that the signal icon is active which means to say that the vehicle is still connected.

@abhishek.balaji from my experience I just want to make 2 suggestion.

  1. Faster activation of the subscription plan. Atleast the connectivity portion. I understand some user may pay for the service plan after breakdown & claim, but the connectivity portion can be done instantly.

  2. The documents can be made available offline irrespective on an active subscription plan. You can restrict the app access to add or modify the uploaded documents but those which are already uploaded during active subscription may still be seen on the dash board.


Actually both are good suggestions and makes sense.

For #1 - Ather can do this if technically feasilble to activate it quickly (because we don’t know what happens to the SIM service when our subscriptions are not active)

For #2 - Genuine ask as it does not use any cloud services OR data to show what is already in the dashboard.

Hey @karthikr1995,

Apologies for the delay on this, we were having internal discussions on this issue and have a solution. A few of you had some more questions as well, addressing them here along with an update.

1. Why is document storage part of the Connectivity plan?

Any feature that requires interfacing between the scooter, app, and the cloud requires a connectivity plan. The dashboard doesn’t pull the documents from the cloud every time but requires connectivity as it is periodically updated. These features will be turned off when you don’t renew your subscription, hence you were not able to access the documents stored on the scooter. You’ll also find that the document storage is part of the new Connect Pro, and not the Connect Lite, for precisely this reason. This information can also be found in the FAQs, in the Ather subscription plans section.

That being said, we understand in some cases you’d like to at least view the documents on the dashboard and we’ll be enabling that for all owners regardless of you being on a Connect plan. Do note, you’ll only be able to view documents already uploaded. To update the documents, you will need to renew your subscription.

2. Delay in renewing the subscription plan

After your subscription period ends, you’ll have a grace period of 15 days to renew the subscription. If you renew within these 15 days, the renewal happens instantly. If you miss renewing within the 15 days, we’d have to onboard you back into our subscription management system. This is a manual process and would require 24-48 hours to be updated by our team.

3. Will the documents be accessible when you’re in a low network zone?

Yes, as long as you’ve uploaded the documents and are on the Ather Connect plan, you’ll be able to access the documents even when you don’t have a network. The documents are stored temporarily on the dashboard. If you try to update in a low network zone, the documents will get updated when you move to an area with sufficient network coverage.

We’ll need about a couple of weeks to operationalize this change for both 450X and 450 owners, and will share an update when this is live.


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