December ‘19 Deliveries: Bengaluru

When can we get some information about the next set of order deliveries for Bangalore?

We had started doing month-wise deliveries update on the Forum when we had some uncertainty around deliveries based on timelines customers were seeing in their customer portal. Currently, especially for Bangalore, that is not the case. So, if your customer portal shows December, then you should have gotten an email with a full payment link now. Hence, we are not updating this thread proactively because Bengaluru deliveries are on plan. If things change, we will start this again.


Can you please give the Order number upto which the Payment window is opened now for B’lore bookings…??

Hi team, could you tell us what order number is in progress

Ather team mention what last order number delivery happened. How many Ather have come out on the street for December.

Reply without fail.

Hi Gandharv, Ather Team,

Thanks for your email - it was helpful for me to understand that there were no new deliveries being planned for December for Bangalore (even though order numbers less than 80 were opened in Nov). However, it is not helpful when my delivery is planned between “Jan-Feb 2020”. I can understand that a better timeline could not be provided when I booked my vehicle on Sep 14th. However now I am already within the window. Can a better delivery schedule not be provided at this point of time?

It has been a very frustrating experience waiting in line with no information on how long the wait is going to be for. Please pass on the feedback that though your deliveries are “on plan” for Bangalore for the next set of vehicles, the customer also needs to know what the “plan” is. Providing a window that lasts 60 days shows the low amount of confidence that Ather has on its delivery capability.

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Yes it’s very frustrating no proper information on delivery dates. I have booked bike on September 14 and still no updates so far. I called support team and they are not sure of delivery dates. I am loosing hope completely on ather now.

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Eagerly waiting for bajaj chetak EV to launch this month…

Pre-order id: 18216, Bangalore. Sticking to January-February delivery or delayed?

Today I visit ather Indiranagar. More than 7 vehicle ready for delivery. Talked with sales team. Avarage booking per month is 250 but they fail to deliver this number. So booking pile up.
Order number does not continues. Just order number nothing else he told.
More over their outpur per month not crossed 200 till now.

Thanks - the Payment window was opened for my Order number yesterday,

Wht is ur order number???

Payment window is opened for me now.

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