Dear Ather Energy , We want ⚡ and Wh/km , Moreeeee

Hello Team , Kind Request behalf of PAN India Owners Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Bring Back the Warp Symbol :zap:

We really really Missing it :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Please @tarun @swapnil.iitm :alien:

Needs Speed (feedback) Display

Should able see the Power Consumption and Current Ride KMs while using Maps

Auto Theme :bouquet:

Also we need Powerful Low/High Beam Lights as Hardware Upgrade (Payable)

Maps Screen needs to be bit Big :white_check_mark:

Maps need Proper Direction Orientation ( as it shows M going back while actually M moving forward)

Needs to fix Constantly Rebooting Issue

Auto Theme/Brightness needs to be Placed in Quick Toggles

Incognito needs to be removed from Quick Toggles

Also I feel Series One owners should get the Series One Theme or Something abt it for them :heart: Because They deserve it :point_up: