Day ride from Mumbai to Lonavala on 450X

This was/ is a long pending ride for many Ather owners and the discussions for it have been never ending. In fact one of our group members did do this trip but it took him a few pitstops before reaching.

So on 31st March '22. My friend @kavink21 & myself, decided to finally do this.

Here is our Experience riding Mumbai to Lonavala & back.

Left from Santacruz West & Andheri East at 6:20 am & 6:00 am respectively. 100% Charge

Meeting point - Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link Road - 6:40am - 12km covered - 89% Charge left Ride till Hotel Yogi Midtown Grid - 7:15am - 13km covered - 77% Charge left.

Kavin charged at Hotel Yogi Midtown, while i charged at Nerul Pop Up grid 1.7kms away so that both flights charge simultaneously.

Had breakfast while flights were charging and left at 8:30am with 100% charge

Next stop - Khopoli Ghat - 11 am - 55km covered from Nerul - 50% charge left.

Khopoli ghat till the common expressway link took about 10% battery. The flight went up the steep ascent effortlessly. It was amazing to see so much power from the scooter & no glitch / strain on the motor at all. The common expressway section till lonavala exit took another 10% battery - 30% battery remaining at this point.

Reached Lonavala Station with 25% battery remaining at 11:30 am

Total trip time one way (Including charging and food/drink stops) 5 hours. One way Distance - 98.9km

Travelled at a constant speed of 40 km/h only on Warp Mode

We were carrying our portable chargers so charged at Tungarli at a friend’s bungalow till 80% charge (2.5 hours) We had lunch & rested while flights were being charged. There was a power cut for 2 hours so we finally left at 4:45pm.

On the way down the ghat I was using regenerative braking all the way and recovered 5% charge. So basically on reaching Khopoli, i was still at 80% battery.

Rode till Season’s hotel grid, Nerul - 7:15pm - 33% charge remaining. Charged till 70% (30 minutes)

Stopped before Vashi Bridge for snacks and drinks (20-25 minutes)

Reached Home (Santacruz) at 9:10pm

I was very impressed with the performance of the 450X. Riding exclusively on Warp & covered a distance of almost a 100km with 25% charge to spare, would have easily gone 120km plus. and on a level road, it would covered maybe 140km. And To Cover a distance of close to 200km in a single day, hot weather conditions, exposed to the sun all day. Steep climbs & descents. It performed like just any other day. Absolutely floored by the Ather 450X.