You mean it happens intermittently continuously for the past one month ?
This looks like a hardware issue because my colleague has an ather and has full signal in the same location at the same time.

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Hi @Ather.Team,
I have been riding Ather for about 4months now noted a very rare thing.

32 is missing
yes in the speedometer 32 is missing from 31 to it directly goes to 33 tried a lot get 32 but couldn’t if any one gets it keep us posted.



you are one hell of a QA bro :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if you’ve observed a similar thing that is already known. When the battery percentage drops down, it never comes to 99%, 89%, 79%, 69% etc. After every 10%, the percentage drops by 2% to 98%, 88%, 78%, 68% etc.
I’ve not seen this missing speed figure of 32kmph but assuming you are right, i can think of one possible reason…approximation
SOC measurement or speed measurement, the system may not be able to measure in exact steps. It may be approximating it and hence at some step it may be missing a number.
If this point of mine is correct, then this should repeat at 94kmph-96kmph and 95kmph should be missed (open the image below to see the steps). But we can’t check that :slightly_smiling_face:


True I have observed that charge drops off by 2% when it reaches multiples of 10

You can also add it directly from the app. To do this, search for a place/point, then click on the star/favorite icon appearing on the top right hand corner once the routing is done. This will get synced to the scooter as well.

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Yeah could be possible. @rajeshkav can check the miss at 90s :slight_smile:

first drop happens at 100% to 98% and it continues every 10%. So the approximation can’t be a reason here.

Drop from 100 to 98% was answered by Chaitanya sometime back in one of the owners meet. Hope you read this post.

Now, dont ask me why when it will get fixed :smile:


Yup I remember this post very much. :slight_smile:

@abhishek.balaji Any update on the OTA. If I remember it was scheduled for this month or last month end.

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In 3rd owners meet we saw a glimpse of much awaited OTA and it was scheduled to be available by September. (We had been waiting since May and it was the top voted question)

Due to download size and technical reasons, the update was split into two and we got the first part in mid of September. Now, it is mid of November and we are yet get the second part of OTA which was originally scheduled for September.

Literally we have skipped one OTA schedule with this long gap.

I understand and fully agree with rigorous testing before fully making it available. But delay of OTA should not be the solution for that. Probably, there should be increased man power in that area.

Actually, we all have very long list of features. We used to list them in 1st and 2nd owners meet. But, with this speed, an item from our wishlist can make it only next year :slight_smile:

I really wish one of you answer in detail.

I would like to get a plan (something like below) from Ather team on this.

  1. Take the feature wish from a survey
  2. Prioritise based on ranking
  3. Categorize the items based on complexity (Hard to easy) and criticality
  4. Take mix of a Complex one and few easy hanging ones and what you Ather feel as important.
  5. Release the OTA schedule for us to know what we can expect.
  6. Any critical patches or fixes should be independent and should be available ASAP regardless of the schedule.
  7. Based on bandwidth, you can pick some surprise items :slight_smile:

I really stopped even thinking of what all things we can expect in OTAs… Because the pipe of dream looks really long now.

That is why though I know Ather will bring Charging limiter through OTA, I went up and got Smart Plug. Because, the timeline is not known and history is not giving us confidence.


Hey @prasathvishnu,

The next OTA is a stability focused update and the team wanted to do it right. It has been delayed, unfortunately, but we will have a better update to share sometime next week.

The feature requests are actively considered, but can’t put a timeline on them yet.

Also, the product team actively monitors the requests here, so you should add any feature requests you have here: https://forum.atherenergy.com/c/ather-experience/feature-requests

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This ota update expecting push notifications and connectivity with mparivahan

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Dashboard is very laggy, the touch response is 1 second or longer.

We can’t able to use the maps in Ather dashboard like we use in smartphone as it’s so much laggy and unusable in dashboard.

I hope Ather should cache the map or better go for a good processor to avoid these problem.

Even the Google maps used in Ather is unusable to search any place, because any place we search in Chennai mostly ends up similar ones in Bangalore.


On the laggy dashboard and the touch response, we can probably improve the experience through software itself to a fair extent. The previous builds haven’t been as optimized as they could be. That is an on-going project and much of the focus of this upcoming OTA is on stabilizing the experience.

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Hi @gandharv.bakshi any progress on this front? Can we expect it this month?

Has anyone experienced this issue
1.Turn off guide me home lights in dashboard
2.Restart scooter and by default it gets turned on
3.After shutdown as well it gets turned on
Would like to know how to keep it turned off permanently as I don’t require that feature

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Yes, you can expect it this month! Watch out for communication from us around this.

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