All discussions around the dashboard and smart features of the 450 and 340 to be done in this thread.

In one of the earlier discussion boards, someone had brought up a concern of the dashboard brightness being too bright when riding at night. Since the scooters don’t have an ambient light sensor, this can probably be resolved with a dark mode or dark grey UI that one can switch to. Maybe it could automatically switch to dark mode at around 6pm like Google Maps.


Add some theams to dashboard

Adding a dark mode theme as implemented in material design of android os would clear up the brightness issues and would give better visibility both day and night I think


So, the plan is as follows:
We have already worked on adjusting brightness based on time of day. So, that should be part of our upcoming OTA (Over the air update) next month.
On themes, we are working on themes as well. Software wise, we have a provision for themes on all our screens except for maps (maps are dependent on our partner). The dark theme is a good idea - it fundamentally makes sense to have a different theme that’s more convenient for the night. We are currently exploring a few designs - once we are satisfied with the design for night, we’ll take it up for development.



When I took the test ride the executive mentioned that the maps on the dashboard does not show traffic density, probably to provide a distraction free experience. I was wondering if there has been any change to this?

I feel it would be great to have a feedback similar to how it’s currently done in google maps so riders can make alternate route decisions based on the live feed. It does not need much to create a sudden congestion on Bangalore roads, and the alternative routes decisions by the built-in maps would be seldom as intelligent as an experienced rider.


The most important functionality is to provide maps tiles so that the roads are visible.
The way Google provides traffic information (as colours) is not as an overlay but as a part of the map tile itself and it updates every few minutes.
We have evaluated the maps loading delays and latencies on the vehicles with the traffic information turned on. We found that the map tile loading is significantly worse because of the continuous tile refresh required, to the point that basic navigation was being affected. We have chosen to not enable the traffic information because of this reason.


@Ather.Team what is the security level of collected data from one’s vehicle?. This question is because now most of the companies collect data and share with third party and based on our routine we get personalised advertisements from third parties. And in most of the terms and conditions where all these matters are included will not come to our notice. And we blindly accept.


I am assuming that the tile refresh delays are not caused by the limitations of the operating system and underlying hardware, but by the network connectivity issues. That exposes a design flaw in the Ather ecosystem; not necessarily a flaw in your design philosophy of a truly connected vehicle, but a flaw attributed to the supporting infrastructure you are relying on to stay connected. If I got it correct you have an onboard 3G wireless mobile communications module and it seems you are being limited in providing a better user experience by this choice.

Now if you look at the similar functionality on a mobile device which has a 4G connectivity, you would never have such a tile refresh issue when using navigation. Now assume you have an option on the 450 to configure a WiFi hotspot. That would completely eliminate the current limitation by being able to use the communication capabilities of the rider’s mobile device instead of relying on the onboard wireless communication device.

Now this comes with it’s own pros and cons some of which I will try to list below:

  1. Ability to leverage the latest mobile communication technology - You are no longer hardwired to a 3G device and TRAI has already started tests for 5G in India.
  2. Simpler hardware platform for wireless communication - You move away from the concept of a embedded SIM device to a WiFi device.
  3. Lower operating cost for the consumer - We have heard lots of comments on the forum that charging 3K for connectivity and OTA updates is an expensive proposition. Now the rider can use the data pack of his mobile device and now a days even the cheapest plans comes with 1GB data per day.


  1. The user will lose the capability to keep track of the vehicle and it’s stats (like battery charge percentage) when the vehicle is not connected via the WiFi hotspot.

Now this prompts me to ask two questions:

  1. Are you looking at upgrading the onboard communications module to support 4G as well?
  2. Would you consider providing the consumer with a choice of the preferred connectivity technology (3G vs WiFi) in the future?

I know you guys have done a lot of thought and work in to Ather so asking for such changes probably may be non-viable in the near future. But at least would you be able to add these to your long term plans?


I think u have to figure out a way to overcome the technical challenges for the traffic updates.
Many GPS devices are losing business because of the lack of quick updates, ease of use, poor search engines, lack of suggestive text features and Lack of traffic updates.

As a customer I wouldn’t want to rely on mobile phone navigation in Ather bikes.

This happening already in many cars their default navigation is waste and people use their phones !

And dependency on Google navigation for its best features mentioned above is becoming higher dayby day.

There could be many like me.
Hope u r team will realise it quick may be partner with google if needed to get the best customer experiences.

The plus point for ather navigation on dash. And it should not become like “ yes it is there but not really useful “


What network do you have under the hood? 2G? 3G? 4G?

How is it different from standard mobile navigation refresh rates?

Even 5 years back the navigation on cell phones was smooth enough with all traffic info updates.

What are the features of Ather app?
Is there detailed documentation?
Does it register all the ride details? Battery charging history etc?

I have preordered and installed the app - I see no content at the moment apart from the push the maps to scooter and support page. Is that it?

AFAIK Ather scooters have partnered up with Google for navigation and direction as you can see the Google branding on the navigation screen, although features like live traffic updates on screen may take time to trickle down to the S450/340’s dashboard.

@AtherTeam, My Ather 450, dashboard is stuck/hung in Google map screen. Touch screen is not working. Can you please tell me what to do next? I forgot the shortcut to restart the system.

Vehicle is working. Park assist using shortcuts is working.

press both breaks center click indicator and ignition for few sec

let me know if that works


Thanks @Abhishek! That works.

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Is there a way we can customize the name of our 450s on the dashboard/app instead of My 450? a little scope of customization specific to the user would be a cool addition I think.


Why we can’t upload documents in PDF format?!

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assuming you are talking about scooter dashboard (not forum)

that requires adobe engine again

which might add burden to the system onboard

JPG is simple

but there is some work to be done to get the for screen shot pic clear


PDF rendering is better than JPG. Clear visibility of documents is essential.