Dashboard tour for first time users

I have recently purchased an Ather 450X and it took me a while to get used to the different icons on the dashboard and how to intercept that. It would be nice if the dashboard has some kind of tour/walkthrough/guide (something like when you visit some websites for the first time, it will take you through a welcome tour and guide you on how to use it)

Some examples,

  1. The Bluetooth has 3 different icons one for each states (Connected, Paired, and something else)
  2. There is one icon below the mode which sometimes has a different icon (like a box around it). Not sure what it means yet. Image below


Other than that the tour/walkthrough/guide can also include things like how to set/reset a trip.

Side note: It would be nice if the turn indicator flip button has some ‘clicky’ feel to it. Almost all the bikes/scooters which I have ridden before will have that clicky feel when the turn indicator is triggered (if you press the second time you will not get that clicky feel since it is already triggered). It is useful because in Ather the indicator sound is not loud enough and sometimes if I’m being too gentle in that flip, the indicator does not trigger. If it has a clicky feel to it when triggered you don’t have to look at the dashboard for a visual confirmation.

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https://readme.atherenergy.com/ Maybe Ather should update this Manual. @abhishek.balaji


Reply for the Option 2 is…

If The Symbol is inside a Boc and has a cross means,

You can’t Change between Modes Since the throttle is Open

release the throttle to Change Modes Thats it !!!


Simply just go showroom. And ask employee what want.

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