Dashboard reboot

While I was riding in a light drizzle (befor the torrential downpour) yesterday. The system went into a reboot sequence. I was able to continue riding the vehicle. The ather is about a fortnight old. Is it normal?

Such reboots are quite common in today’s 450s. As long as it does not hamper the vehicle’s mobility, we need to live with it until Ather comes with robust software.


Even I faced reboots 2-3 times in 6-months riding on bumpy roads at normal speed. This is normal and is not an issue until it is not affecting mobility of scooter. But I have not observed any reboots during rains (Might have missed to spot even if had happened), but no worries, its normal.

After removing charger and key, My scooter dashboard is still on

Is this solved? Did you wait for the screen to change to, where it asks turn off for charge, or did you remove charger before that screen appeared?


Actually screen was hung. Even after removing the key and charger, it was showing same screen . I inserted the key again and turned on and off. Then the problem got solved…screen turned off.

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