Dark/Night mode for dashboard

@abhishek.balaji is there any timeline for next OTA ? When can we expect dark mode because dashboard is very bright while riding in night.


It’s isn’t coming in the Dec OTA for sure. It is in the pipeline but no release date has been confirmed.

how is ather prioritizing which features to include or exclude in ota ? isn’t screen brightness issue a priority during night times ? why reduce power of sports mode when market is getting flooded with ICE vehicles which are getting more sportier everyday. i picked up ather just because of that insane pickup now that main aspect is gone.disappointed in ather decision.

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Features and bug fixes which are solving the stability issues are being prioritized first. So overall usability first, and then new features after.

There’s been no change in any of the modes in the last OTA.

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You can reduce the screen brightness in settings. The lowest brightness setting is quite comfortable at night.


Yes the auto brightness is not auto actually. One need to set it to lowest . I use the full face helmet which block the screen hurting my eyes

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Even after reducing brightness it is glaring to eyes because of white background scheme.


If this is true, then it is excellent. However Dark mode requirement is NOT a feature request. It is big design flaw or probably a potential fatal issue today. I had requested this way back in Feb 2019, still Ather does not seem to understand the severity. I drive for an hour mostly in the pitch dark roads at nights unlike my city counter parts (I request one of the Ather Design Team guy to sit ONE Hour continuously in front of the dashboard in pitch dark to experience the fatigue that builds up).

First, even though the brightness is set to Zero, intensity is way high. Second, it emits blue light which is harsh to eyes. I tried my own methods to overcome this issue. Initially, I had put a X-Ray film (that comes off often as there is no proper holder). Now I have changed the visor to black (it is risky to ride at night as I lose certain % of visibility, but I have no choice). Overall, I sum this issue as FATAL and severe.

I understand, dark theme is not easy. However I am of the opinion that this can be made with incremental change. Say, just speed numbers appearing in grey with dark background after 6~7pm (optional) leaving behind all other info (efficiency, odo etc…etc)

I sincerely request Ather to consider this plea.


I second this, Dark Mode is not a feature request! Even on well lit roads, the brightness of the screen is an issue and when we enter dark stretches, the screen brightness has a blinding effect where it takes a few moments for our eyes to adjust to the darkness around, given that the headlight is not as bright as others. We Want Dark Mode!

Better we need to have night mode option as like in mobiles.

Night mode, where the screen goes yellow? Or a dark mode? which is something this forum allows you to do too :slight_smile:

Thinking loudly, both are good options. One reduces blue light, the other is very useful at night.

Being a fan of dark mode on most screens, dark mode will render night mode useless for me. Yet, if someone doesn’t like the dark mode, he/she could switch to the normal mode and not have strained eyes with blue light.


current dashboard brightness even at it’s lowest level is like people who install hid kit into their reflector housing and to top it off drive in highbeam in city. as @rajeshkav said once if you look or enter into underpass that dashboard glare is very harsh on eyes. So please fix this issue or reduces overall white colour scheme during evenings/night times.


@Ather.Team kindly include an option in the settings tab to automatically switch to dark mode in night and a switch to turn this feature on or off as majority of Ather owners are complaining of fatigue! TIA


I could see this in “www.atherenergy.com” film on ATHER STORY. In 2018 developing stage the screen had dark mode. Why can’t it be brought back in to real world ATHER450. I guess its not a big deal in doing it.


Ather is bringing the dark mode and they’ve committed to it too. It’s just that they’ve been working on the upcoming OTA update for months now and they’ve said they’ll deliver the dark mode in the next OTA update.

I’d recommend you don’t use the Auto brightness option. And set it to the lowest brightness. Might help a bit.

Sadly it does not help me :frowning:

  • When I set it to lowest, still it is bright at night (note, I drive at pitch dark). That’s why I used X-Ray film/Night riding specs and now dark visor.

  • This lowest brightness point is not bright enough for the day light. Need to set again to higher point to see all the numerical.

  • For sure, Auto Brightness does not go to lowest in pitch dark.

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This is true I wish they fixed the Auto brightness too. Even though it works on the base of time, it’s quite unreliable.

I guess we need to wait for the dark mode which is a good few months away.

Problem with current dashboard setting is like if you don’t see it during your drive it’s not an issue but moment you see it that white background and brightness gives same effect like how you feel when cabbies with their 100/90 high beam lights hits you in eyes. That’s why night mode or dark mode is needed in urgency.

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yes, I too hope. I am waiting patiently since last 10 months that something good will come soon:-) I really wish and treat this NOT as feature rather basic need (or bug)