Custom Ride Mode

Custom Ride Modes!

Just wondering if we could have custom ride modes in which we can play with some parameters and tweak the mode according to an individual!!? For example I may choose a less acceleration In a custom mode with the top speed of 90.

Or maybe the ability to remove the top speed cap :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yes, we can tweak it :wink:

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Iā€™m totally okay with Ather speed restrictions of each mode. Keeping the max speed as it is I would like to have speed control in my hand so that I can reduce speed of each mode.

For example If I can cap Eco mode to 10 KMPH, Ride to 15 or sports to 20 & Warp to 25 so that elder people or newbees can learn to drive without risk of getting injured due to high speed


I would like to set the maximum speed /ride mode when I hand it over to my friends/parents.

It rained in Mumbai this week, sort of first rains! I was out to buy groceries and in due time it started raining. I was in sports mode and was driving very cautiously as I have heard wheels slipping. However you control the throttle, it becomes a little scary and lose some confidence in these modes(even in ECO). If there can be anything to set max speed limit say 10 or 15 with less torque, it could help us and gain control/confidence in the rains too along with hazard lights :p. Driving in park Assist is not an option at all, it could be dangerous.