Cruise control

In next coming update we ather users a cruise control feature. So there wont be any issues with wrist pain and better range. Ather team please look into this feature which is needed for most users.

Adding onemore feature where in music control phone call control switch hold for 5 sec. And an option for setting speed before moving vehicle.


How should this feature really work?!


that can be done via dash board, since all inputs are electronic and acceleration is just a type of potentiometer which tell how much PWM frequency is to be given to motor output, cruise can be enable in DASHBOARD if ather is really looking in it


If there is will there is a way


That 1 gb dashboard just wont cut it. Whatever it is supposed to do at the moment, its just unable to handle it. But if they upgrade it to say 3-6 gb , aah may be we can.


I guess 3gb is available in ola. The ad was well shooted in introduction video . Let’s wait and watch how it perform


Purchased a throttle grip lock from Amazon to try cruise control. Paid 500 bucks. It works nicely. Due to the original throttle grip rubber being a little slippery it tends to lose traction and the speeds starts to slow down.

Here is the video

Apologies for the bad audio in between and if incase the content was not good.

Note: Do not use the lock until you are used to it and also avoid in city traffic

Images of the lock below:


Can we have a Speed Limiter Function if not for Cruise Control?

This is a very good implementation from BMW’s.

The LIM button is on the steering wheel. It is the speed limit button. What it does it will slow down your car to the limit that it is set. For example if it is 40 the car will only go 40 km per hour. Even if you press the accelerator it maintains the speed to 40 kmph. You can switch it off by just pressing on the button again. On full press of the accelerator pedal they have a way to momentarily release the speed limit too, for sudden overtakes.

This would be of great help in various modes we can make sure we’re in not crossing a certain speed and also being economical with respect to the range!


@rsathyaraj I think you are saying the concept of cruise control only, The above is what will work in all the cars not only in BMW.

Yeah For sure Ather will be implementing in the next vehicle.


Hey, sorry, but did Ather confirm this somewhere? Wondering if I missed this update. Would be great to know if they have said this.


For sure it will happen, Don’t worry bro… Just a guess but it will happen… since all other competitors were already implemented it


Ah okay, speculating, got it :slight_smile: Best to call it out as a personal opinion, lest someone holds Ather accountable for some “confirmation they saw on the Forum” haha


It’s not the concept of Cruise Control! Cruise Control and Speed Limiters are different!

Cruise Control - Auto Accelerates and Maintains the set speed, when manual acceleration given it can go above the set speed.

Limiter Function - No auto Acceleration, manual acceleration only and doesn’t accelerate more than set speed.


A video explaining this function!


It has been observed and widely accepted by experienced proud Ather 450x owners that the consumption reduces while cruising at a constant speed for a significant distance, unlike riding in a bumper to bumper city traffic during or off peak hours.

In an effort to get good range, many riders try to keep their hands affixed to the throttle to maintain a particular speed, consequently getting exhausted and sometimes experience pain in the hands.

Therefore, as a proposal to the mind blowing and hardworking personnel of the Ather labs, a speed lock feature may be introduced (maybe through OTA updates), wherein the rider can choose and set to cruise at a constant speed without being forced to adjust hus/her hand on the throttle.

This should bring about a significant change in the range statistics, especially on empty roads, or off peak traffic hours.


Can we see curise control function in Ather


Is there any possibility to include cruise control option in 450x in near future…!! @abhishek.balaji @tarun


Is there a cruise control feature in 450X…If not available when will the update be provided for it???


There is no such feature and I don’t think this is even being considered.

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Do reply @abhishek.balaji, we really need cruise control feature.

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