Cornering Lamps

Hi folks, new hero Xoom been launched and they have introduced one excellent feature about cornering Lamps and a must have feature for person who has to travel early morning or late night, a thought came in my mind about Ather’s head light which is there in body instead of steering from which have to turn clearly then road be visible there cornering Lamps are must, this feature can’t be given to existing user but can expect as accessories and Ather has sufficient sensors for this!!

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In the next 10 years maybe, the request list I made in 2019 is still pending though


Plus the headlamp beam is another point. Cars coming from opposite direction seem angry and flicker their low-high beam most of the time whenever they cross me in the evening. I had been putting across a beam adjustment option for a long time too


Beam adjustment can be done in EC…


I wish the EC within 50 km in the hilly terrain; put accross the difficulty already. Removing the panel seem difficult either


Comon, they have not corrected/change the high beam setting, which is practically useless.

Cornering lamps, no way they will add to it.

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