Converting Bajaj Chetak to EV

Hi, can anyone suggest if i can convert my Bajaj chetak to EV with the help of some R&D. It’s been lying defunct for a couple of years, and it’s my dream if i can get it converted into EV.

Maybe maybe maybe… There are many similar videos. But don’t blame me if anything breaks, including your savings or bones :sweat_smile:

Not the ideal scooter to convert. It’s quite a bit heavy isn’t it ? Plus a foot operated break and the gear lever in the left hand. If your engine is not functional, hybrid option is out of question. Especially since the engine and transmission would carry so much weight. Removing the engine entirely and adding a hub motor with a battery pack is the only option and from what I’ve heard and seen. It’s really hard to do so, since the engine acts as a swingarm or something and without it you’ll hwve to design a new swingarm, a bit of work. Join the ather and plug in india telegram group. There are afew who’d help you through the process since they’ve done it with their scooters.

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this is actually a Honda Activa. and more if a Kid stuff. not roadworthy and will not be endorsed by RTO.