Control lights for Indicator, starter, horn etc

Control lights are quite a necessity to avoid searching for switches on night time.

This is pretty much a common feature since the time of Bajaj Pulsars.


Bro, apart from Bajaj, none of the standard company has that back-light for switches… Seriously that is distracting for driving in night… And we get used to the bike in a week, meaning we can operate involuntarily without even looking or thinking. So back light for switches is an overkill given just we have 4 switches and so much distracting…


True. With Auto-off indicators you don’t even need to go back and turn it off! Only 2 switches you might use are the horn and high-beam. There Is no way one needs to search for both of those.


I think right now they are trying to make a more budget friendly ather product. Something under the 1lakh mark I think. Backlit buttons are not going to help.