Community Manager Appreciation Day (Belated)

Hey @abhishek.balaji we missed to notice that 25th Jan 2021 was a Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for the role you are playing which is the toughest one than anyone else in the Organization.

You are kind of ‘First Line of Defence’ for @TeamAther! We take you for granted for what you are doing but all we can do now is to Thank You!

And let me not forget the @moderators who are in similar roles as well. Thanks to you all for your personal time spent on managing this community.


Thank you to Abhishek and all moderators!:100::fire:

belated wishes to @abhishek.balaji and the @moderators

Thank you, folks! A huge part of this is due to incredible support from @Community_Moderators and of course the entire Ather Team!