[Closed] AMA - 1, Saturday 1 February

Could you please provide hardware upgrades planned as well for 450?

  1. 4G upgrade
  2. etc…
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OTAs on 450s will continue for the foreseeable future - you can expect features like Dark Mode, Reminders on mobile app, and more in the next couple of months.

We understand this concern and we have no such intention. We have publicly put the performance specs of the 450, we have no intent of changing those numbers.
450X has more features and better performance compared to the 450, but we don’t plan to achieve that by degrading the 450.


Oh so 450 v1 needs the fixing?

If I choose 450x pro then,
:- choose the colour (green , white , grey )
:- to pay showroom price 1,59,000/-
:- extra amt to pay Insurance + road tax + registration Fee
:- 1 year free subscription (who pre ordered b/f 28th Feb)
After that
:- Monthly subscription amt is 400 for Ather charge plan .
(Free OTA updates , free public charging , Free Data 4g , free service , free cloud Data storage , free pipeline cost )

What about home charging amt is refundable ???

:- collector edition body graphics will be attractive and now not finalized

(only out look graphics is change or any something important interesting feature is available??? )

:- 450x pro delivery will be July onwards …

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All 450X pre-orders before 28th Jan get a year of free service from Ather besides the other benefits. All others will have the option to subscribe to a service or choose to pay as you go for the service.


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Hey Rahul,
We definitely want to come-up with more options for the performance packs to cater to different needs. These packs could be both - above as well as below the price points that we’ve currently offered . However, we do not have a firm visibility of what types of packs we will come up with. The whole idea behind the subscription plan is to make available the basic hardware of the 450X, and then keep coming up with different performance packs that give our buyers the flexibility to move up or down.
So we’ve heard you and will attempt that for sure. And as and when it happens, we’ll of course tell you :slight_smile: .


Somebody please change the Title today is Saturday Feb 1 not Sunday


If you truly need a vehicle now, then I would encourage you to buy a 450 right away. If you do not have an urgency I would ask that you wait for 2-3 months when test rides would be available. The 450X would definitely be significantly better than the current 450

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The 450X (both plus and pro) electrical architecture is substantially different from 450, hence upgrading the dashboard only is not possible - along with the dashboard, one needs to upgrade a bunch of other hardware accross electrical/electronics modules, BMS, powertrain controller. So it is not viable.



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The subscription will be transferred to the new buyer and he/she will have to complete the remaining part of the subscription.


Hi. the present plus/pro subscription plan already takes care of the Ather Connect (Data connectivity) and Charge packs (Ather Grid fast public charging). We will have a plan of Ather Service in future for sure with numbers that would be similar to our present service pack. So basically yes.

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4G upgrade is planned for now

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Yes, We will have a plan of Ather Service in future for sure with numbers that would be similar to our present service pack.

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What is the cost of a new battery for the 450?

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Last 10 mins folks!


Since this is a reliability related issue, only a small percentage of vehicles would face it. In case any vehicles faces it, we will fix it under warranty.

So only a 4g module upgrade to the 450 is expected and not the entire dashboard. We were getting conflicting updates earlier. Good to know.

Hey Bharath,

Wish to clarify a few things in your statement. If you pre-ordered Ather 450X before the unveil on 28th Jan (not Feb) 2020, we will cover one year of free servicing (NOT subscription).

Ather Charge plan does not cover home charging cost reimbursement

On Collector’s Edition, the looks of the vehicle will be different and there could be other things complementing the theme ‘Inside Out’. This is unlikely to include new features. We will announce more details soon.

450X deliveries will commence from Q3 2020 (July 2020 is the earliest possible timeline ).