Chinmay's 10000 km review of the Ather 450

Creating a new topic since it is another milestone on my Ather 450(wheeeeee)!! :relaxed:

It has been less than a year since I got the delivery of this amazing machine which goes wheeee on Feb 24th, 2019.

The journey with it has been brilliant except few minor hiccups which I will talk about in this review.

First of all kudos to the entire team at Ather for launching this pure EV scooter built from scratch and bringing a Tesla level EV (although this is a 2 wheeler) and charging infrastructure to India!

Things I love about the 450:

  • The sleek, simple yet futuristic design
  • Brilliant Acceleration from the word go
  • Consistent battery performance, haven’t seen any drop in range so far
  • Very agile, easy to ride in traffic
  • Charging time is around 3 to 3.5 hours
  • Attention grabber, I still get the same old questions about it from people stopping beside me in traffic signals, have lost count but I would have answered to at least 400 people in the last one year

Issues faced till date:

  • Minor issue like seat requiring a thud to close, motor fan cover coming off resolved by the service team in a day and also the occasional screen freeze which no longer occurs after the recent OTA updates.
  • Major issue was a strange noise coming from the drive belt(squealing noise) which would get annoying and clearly audible. First the service team told it is due to the rains, sand particles get stuck and this happens. Solution they gave was to do a pressure wash, which I did but did not solve the issue. Second time they took it, had it with them for 2 or 3 days to determine the cause and I was told they did something with the belt near the motor and they also replaced the rear brake pads. This solved the issue(Thank God!)

But wait…

  • Day before yesterday they took it for the 10K Kms service and guess what, the above same issue is back!! Today morning the technician had come, he tried to rectify it but couldn’t so probably tomorrow the pick up person will take it to their service center and get it resolved(hopefully).
  • One more issue was the steering column had become lose which was resolved in a day(issue was thanks to surprise potholes and bumps which are actually patches to cover the potholes, great work Palike!)

Few annoying stuff:

  • Mirrors don’t do their job too well, and takes some doing to adjust them as per my liking
  • The Auto off indicator, never seems to turn off after I finish taking the turn and sometimes turns off before I take the turn, don’t if this happens just to me :sweat_smile:

Now coming to the common question… kitna deti hai??


  • I mostly use the Sports mode, used to be very aggressive with the acceleration in the beginning, now I have calmed down a bit. So I get 62 - 64kms.

  • Dad uses ride mode, that explains 74kms.

  • Eco mode is there for name sake for us, noone uses it :crazy_face:

Below is the screenshot from one of my many rides, few people have asked for these detailed stats as well for my tweet about 10K Kms on Twitter.

And haven’t done one of those slow rides patiently to see how much maximum range I get, if I do one in the future I will post about it.

Requests to the Ather team to consider in upcoming models:

  • More rangeeeee, because why not :hugs: pleeassee!
  • Motor power is alright but if we are getting more range then more power also please.
  • Better tyres, MRFs are like skiing in rain especially on white topping or concrete roads. Pirelli/Michelin/Metzeler may be? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s all folks!



OMG 10k KMS already??!???!?

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Awesome Sir. Gives me confidence as I await the delivery of mine. Whats your charging pattern? Do you go all the way to 100% or restrict yourself to 80%? A tip from a seasoned rider like you will help all.

My daily commute is 35+35kms during weekdays. And I mostly ride in the sports mode itself and I don’t have to worry about charging because my workplace has provided the facility to charge.

So, I charge it to 100% from around 40%. Since I immediately use the scooter after full charge, as per the little knowledge I have about Li-ion batteries, it should be fine as am not leaving it at full charge for days together.

Also, I believe Ather has made it in such a way that there is idle discharge if you don’t shut down the scooter completely, this I believe is again to protect the life of the battery.


Congratulations. One year n going strong. 11000km till date. Few hiccups in sound, jerks in movement, seat cover navigation. Not able to digest the maintenance after 1year.

HI BRO,This is yeshwant from bangalore, please help me get a good range coz i am getting 50km in ride mode and 45kms in sport mode i took the vehicle last week…please bro waiting for u r reply if poosible please share u r contact detail

Hey, it’s actually pretty easy, modulate the throttle wisely, don’t keep the throttle fully open in any mode, light inputs up to 40-50 kmph and maintain that speed with very mild throttle inputs. If you see traffic ahead, or a signal or slower moving traffic let go of the throttle, coast, you won’t lose much speed because of the very mild regen and brake as required. That should do the trick. Keep in mind not to go berserk with the throttle in any mode of you want more range.


ya thanks for u r time sir…but actually i am driving very smoothly as u said above in that way oly i am driving but still am not getting the true range…please help in tat ather app the efficiency is showing 45wh

You’ll have to ask CS then. I’m not too sure.

A comparison of the latest two rides…Sport vs Ride mode. They seem to be on par with my style of riding, but with more torque available at my disposal in Sport mode.

Can anyone please help me …my ather dot will b blinking even after its 100% charge …is thr any power leakage after 100% also I think power cut is not working please help

The dot will not “cut-off” power, rather it will switch to a low power mode once battery reaches 100% SoC. This is normal and not something you need to worry about.

Sir but ATHER people told it has a power cutoff after 100% …I have confirmed with them several times…because v ll leave overnight if this wont happen power ll b wasted rite…and also while installing they have mentioned tat after it reaches 100% the light ll stop blinking so tat the power cutoff ll b in process

It does cut off at some point, I have seen “Charged” on the app and it stops charging and it again charges when the voltage drops since battery is being used even at idle state of the vehicle

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Correct! This is what every known charger does. It is called trickle charge and helps top up the loss to maintain 100%


Yup, this is happening to me right now as I’m typing. It said charging done two minutes ago and now it says charging at 100%. I assume it’s trying to keep it at 100% and avoid discharge.