Chennai! We are coming this weekend!


Charging pod is not needed? :open_mouth: What do you mean?


I think he meant giving option of customer choosing a portable charger instead of pod. Because Pod is 10k and portable charger is 5.5k.


Hi share some details mail I’d website etc we will also raise complaints/request to reconsider EV policy in TN.


Register yourself and post your grievance .
It did work for me in couple of cases.

I will also mail the concerned transport minister
Vijaya Bhaskar (mail id. and Chennai RTO asking to subsidize the taxes on EV.


created separate thread for this issue, @Shreyas please move the above related posts to the new thread, thanks.


Hope we get the complimentary helmet.
Even when the transportation fees is 2000 and road tax is 5000. I am suspecting the remaining 2000 is for the white color helmet.

Would be happy if I get the helmet, I never owned any vehicle in my life. Had Driving License for 10 years, which has been used only for ID purpose. My first vehicle of my life and that too electric. Excited!!!


Two helmets are included :slight_smile:


why 2?

i was told cops in chennai don’t bother if pillion is not wearing helmet


Legal requirement :slight_smile:. Can’t bypass the loooong hands of the law



was thinking that’s the law


The law requires both riders to wear helmets and for one helmet provided along with a new vehicle purchase. Ather is including two helmets in the purchase.



i think it is same in A.P

when i was in chittoor for my first long trip to tirupati Paramesh @slvecomotors was mentioning the same

for the vehicle to be registered customer should take a pic holding helmet also produce electronic invoice for the same…

got it…


I was worried whether my pre-order will be considered. Atlast got the confirmation mail and now I am able to see it in my dashboard.


Delivery is scheduled for September. So it will be considered.


I had issue with the order. I booked it in the venue with the IPAD and didn’t note the order no , gave it to Rep, he too missed my order number. For the past three days I didn’t get my order confirmation nor I could see the order in dashboard . Atlast happy to see this one today after raising the concern with ather care.


Don’t worry when I pre-ordered in blr, I didn’t see my ID getting updated for 3-4 days. It’s fine you’re still in the Q.


Group ride 360degree video


hi. i was watching this product from starch im happy about the way it came up so far but none of them were spoken about battery cost time for replacement… future of product. … like other forms of e bike… like Segway…


I am not sure if your question was about replacement cost of a battery. Current market price is around 34k.

We expect the price to be much below 20-25k at the end of 5 years the minimum time after which you might want to replace the battery.