Chennai! We are coming this weekend!


Did Ather even started delivering 340? I thought No


yes completely agree. :smiley:


I think you meant to tell 340. :joy:


Yup :smile:


Of course no one got 340 delivered. Due to delay everyone upgraded to 450.

Even 340 was missing from Ather space now.



You got the one of the excellent photo captured by the team.

The look and background stunning. Let it last in all of your profile pic.


actually looks like I am the one who is leading every one on road.:sunglasses::sunglasses::partying_face:


@pkg7723 finally you got perfect picture. :smiley:


And you were saying you don’t get good pictures!


Finally Maga, you have the pic you wanted. This will be your profile pic for years to come.


What has caused 8k increase in price of ather 450 for Chennai?


6k for road tax (Karnataka has zero road tax for ev)
2k change in ex showroom price because of logistical reasons


Hate TN govt for these reasons.
Rather encouraging EV . They are charging taxes for EV. someone should report to central govt.
Also it’s 9k increase not 8k,
I thought we will get it for same price in chennai too, now I am thinking to cancel the pre-booking.its too much to ask for a scooter.


Most state government are yet to waive off road tax. TN government reduced road tax from 12 to 4 for EV.

Central government, after revoking the FAME subsidy for private electric cars, they are trying to compensate by 3 things

  1. Propose zero road tax for all EVs
  2. Interest subsidy for loans for EV purchase
  3. GST reduction for EVs

I hope road tax will be waived off soon, hopefully in less than 6 months.

I think the move is to split the funding between Central and state government instead of Central fully funding the FAME subsidy


But atleast ather should have not increased their prices by 3k. They could have tweaked their freebies and reduced the price by 4 or 5k.
9k difference is huge.

Although home charging and ather one are given as freebies. I’m sure ather must be charging us internally by few thousands.
For a person like me charging pod is not needed. I would rather go with travel adaptor and ather service plan just like Bangalore.

Ather has to look into this pricing issues .


Ex-showroom price differs across states. Coz

  1. Tax rates like exercise duty differs from state to state.
  2. Transportation cost of manufacturing state to other state.


There are no freebies. You are paying for everything, except maybe the Ather One (that too is a promo offer for early pre-order)!

Until Ather sets up a factory closer to Chennai, they are going to factor in transportation costs into the final price at Chennai.

Back in the day, folks would register their Vehicle at Pondy and use it as a daily rise in Chennai - to avoid the higher road tax in TN.


That’s what I meant , they could have given us options to select pod or travel adaptor.
Which has 5k difference. That could have atleast saved me 5k . Ather service subscription could have saved another 3k.


i doubt if they have produced one!!!?


our neighbouring states like AP has clear road maps on EV. AP has already annouced , buy an EV and get the waiver on road tax and registration fee and it was announced last year.
EV policy was also announced by Telengana govt on July 2nd.
Maharasthra and KA have already annouced it last year.
But Chennai even being an automobile hub of India is still taking baby steps . It should have taken the initiative just like MH or KA , as Chennai is densely populated and second most polluted city in south India.
While the reduction in road tax from 12 to 4 is after central govt push towards EV.
It should have acted faster ,I highly doubt it would as it doesn’t have enough time to solve its own internal politics.

Raised a grievance in CM cell of Tamil Nadu.
Let’s see what reply I get from the authority.