Chennai! We are coming this weekend!


Ah. Finally. So happy for you!


Contact customer support through phone call and email. They should be able to help you out.


Just done the test ride for the first time ever, it took some more time just to explain it’s features and cost to CHENNAI TRAFFIC POLICE who stopped me 2 mins into my ride, they are asking “from yesterday I am seeing these bikes” and I told them from now you will see them more and more😂.

Felt like playing an video game overtaking fz and r15,
Felt this when I was learning 4 wheeler.
OMG wonderful creation by @Ather.Team proud this is created from scratch in India, I wish Ather to become a global brand from India, of course first preorder then test-drive or else you will be late in the queue.

Imagine saying DEVUDAAAAA…
Now I have to wait 2 months???


See as i said


Ha…ha… was waiting for someone to post about getting pulled over by cops. We had a couple of super curious ones at Marina beach yesterday and one very suspicious cop at Thiruvanmiyur junction.


My order started with 112* , although I didn’t note it down. Did you book it with iPad in the venue or from your mobile?
Did you book it today. I booked it yesterday at around 11.30


Impressed with product. Anybody booked 340 today or am I the only one?


Upgrade to the 450 dude! It’s so.much better for a lot lesser.


My usage is very low, 8km per day at most and that too on crowded streets… So I thought why spend 12k extra…


Use the same email ID to create/login to Ather and you can see the details


You will never know what’s your need after an v year or two… That time you can’t upgrade. 12k is very negligible and it will be worth…


You will be the only one i think to order 340… You will miss out the fun acceleration and extra range… 12k is worth it… Upgrade to 450 bro…
Almost 99% orders in Bangalore are for 450 i think


@Shreyas @Ather.Team Attended the introduction of ather440 in chennai today.

After test ride, the thing I noticed this

I am taller than my wife.

She was driving and i was a pillion rider.

My wife stumbled on the pothole and when I tried to put my leg down on road, i could not reach it.

Eventually in a split second, i had to slide down the seat to put my leg on the road to stop the scooter falling down.

I felt this is not good.

Another thing I noticed that I could not flip the mirror up or downwards to get a proper view of the road.

My present bike has a round head that holds the mirror and can rotate any direction.


Been member with the same mail id for the past 6 months. I couldn’t see my order.


Height maybe a concern.

Mirrors are a mystery to most new riders, that son of a beech is tight and after 2 weeks i fixed it. Now i have all the rear visibility i need. Dont worry about the mirrors they are very flexible for any angle


@tarun @Shreyas @Ather.Team

on today’s athers 450 event in chennai I found that ATHER have not considered
reliability availability maintainability and safety (rams) and
SIL level for safety of software is not available.
How are u ensuring the product is reliable and safe?


owners back in banglore


Every one got laser eyes.:rofl::rofl:


I think nobody in Bangalore owns 340… :slightly_smiling_face:


@sureshbindingworks almost did, but relented and upgraded to the 450!