Chennai! We are coming this weekend!

flights and owners are waiting for you

come join


@Ather.Team I got a call from Ather customer care but I missed it. I have a slot booked today noon, Is the call important to attend?

Nope kicha bro not necessarily required… Jus call ather CC and tell ur order ID… They’ll update u t matter.

Thanks for your reply , but it’s not about order . I am checking on the event in Chennai now. Anyway I am on my way to the event . Will check it out there.

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Hi let me know the process of paying pre order amount my slot is Sunday afternoon

Sure :black_heart:


Event was great… Preordered the bike and then took the test ride…
Acceleration was awesome… Suspension was good… Loved the distinct electric sound… Waiting for September delivery :heart_eyes:


Congrats! i wanted to pre-order as soon as possible but after me selecting sunday afternoon slot i got a mail that we can pre book in the event itself or else i would have selected saturday morning slot.

any info how many had paid pre order amount? how did you pay any payment link given to you or cash/card?

Everyone pays Rs5000 as the pre-order amount.

sir, you misunderstood my question i know the amount is 5000 but i am asking about medium of payment for those who want to pay in event itself like @nithilane and also if he have any idea how many others paid today in the event

Oops! Knowing Ather it will always be digital. Get you CC or UPI details with you.

I paid through net banking via ather website
You also use cards or upi
I think approx 100 would have preordered… Just guessing

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It’s pretty simple! Once you finish the presentation by Ather about Ather , you go ahead and fill in a digital form and pay via cash/card :grin:

Note : No UPI payment as of today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Checked with the staff here. Cards are accepted. UPI can be done on the day for which you registered for the event


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@Ather.Team. my pincode not eligible for pre order ?

Try with any of your friends or family member address with serviceable area…
By the time during full payment, serviceable area would have expanded and you can change address before making full payment…
I did the same as told by ather guys in pre book registration counter


@Ather.Team , @kumar.senthild Even my area 600126 is not serviceable. Nearest serviceable area 600059 falls within 3.5 kms. Called up customer care. I was informed to contact experience center in Nungambakkam when it opens before July 20th to enquire about possibility of servicing as my area falls just outside serviceable area. Will I get an acknowledgement mail after pre-order.
I booked on the venue , but after submitting the form , I failed to note down the order, I gave the iPad to rep, since their were many in the queue. It got mixed up by rep,
But I still paid 5000 re with my debit card. It’s been 24 hours , still I haven’t got any acknowledgement mail.

Rep noted my mail id with a dummy order id 99999 . Now when I login into atherenergy website. It says there is no order linked to your mail id.