Chennai! We are coming this weekend!

Hey @Chennai_enthusiasts!

Just 4 days to go! Along with a fleet of Ather 450s there will be a big bunch of Ather owners from Bengaluru coming along, so that you can dig into their experiences. Here’s a little message from a few of them :slight_smile:

Also, if you have specific questions around the product and experience that you would like us to answer at the event. Post them right here, and we will get you the answers.

We will also be opening offline pre-orders for the folks attending the event at the venue.


I have booked a slot on Saturday morning. Can I bring one more person along with me?


Woooowwww nice video… getting excited… come soon Friday… please… god…

Can’t extend my video little more…:grinning: which is in 1st slide…

Same question here. I booked for test drive. My friend and his sister are eager to see the scooter.
While test driving, will they allow a pillion rider? , I want to test drive with pillion. Want to test, how well it can handle 150+ kg.


You can test drive with pillion…

It’s safe to add “a” between drive and with. Ather doesn’t want the rules to be broken :joy:


Ather will have spare helmets, but just incase, carry helmets for both rider and pillion.

And ask your friends to hold on tight, the thing moves… Very fast!


I need battery charging station

Shreyas, please plan to make the Chennai launch event live on YouTube like Bangalore launch event.

I will watch it with entire family at home.


Dont worry about weight it can handle upto 200+

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Can i have an test ride invite please. Excited to know ather is launching this month. Happened to read the news only today.

Hey @hariharakumar

We are completely booked out by now. You can get a test ride, at the Chennai Ather Space when it opens later this month.

In case there are open slots, we will send out invites to the pre-order interest folks closer to the event date.

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You can come to Ather space Chennai there will be many bikes we can give you test ride… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Team,

I have booked a slot to meet ather team and do a test ride on Sunday Afternoon slot.

I am planning to bring one of my friend along with me is that ok to bring him along with me.

Also we have a you tube channel called ‘We Analyze’ we are relatively new channel in the board doing automobile reviews in chennai.

As we are growing we would like to put up a video on Ather bike and its performance.

So will I be allowed to carry my DSLR to cover the Ather session and to take few video coverage of the bike.

Also we are planning to do a test ride with the action cam mounted on our helmets so is that allowed.

Please reply.



Hi I add registered for slot on Sunday afternoon but can I come Saturday morning instead

Amen to that, have tested 186 kg’s personally. Needed to pull the sports mode though

Is this possible @Ather.Team
And Yes I want to pay 5000 pre order amount there itself and cash or card? I want to attend Saturday morning

in the morning-Chennai

Chennai is already curious

blr guys are busy talking to them