Chennai, how're you riding your Ather?

Hey @Chennai,

What was your avg. range at the beginning of owning your Ather and what is it now? How have your riding habits changed?


Warp mode day1 till the update 10.x.x 45km - 50km with 100%charge,

Now after the software update 10.1.1 around 55 to 58km (100 to 5-10% charge) I guess due to Torque grade down milliage increased.

Econ mode 85 Other mode not checked.


it’s way better now on my 450s, in the beginning, I was getting 58km in ride and 45-48 in sports, but now that i learnt to control the inputs the range has been improved to 68 in ride and 58km in sports even though my usage is 40-50kw/hr


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