[Chennai] Community portable chargers

Starting this thread for folks to request borrowing a community portable charger. As a community initiative, Ather has made 2 portable chargers available for the Chennai community to use on long/group rides. These are updated portable chargers that work with all vehicles.


  1. A portable charger can be borrowed for free of cost from any of the hosts.

  2. To borrow the portable charger, post on this thread with your location, where you plan to travel, how long you need it for. Then, the host will reach out to you if available, and you can pick it up from them.

  3. Please return to the host after usage in the same condition that you received it.


  1. Should be returned as-is (in working condition), without any physical damage

  2. The default duration is for 2 days, and preference will be for those who choose to borrow for 2 days or sooner.


Chennai: @Rahul

Equipment City Host Availability Borrowed by Borrowed on Borrowed till
Charger 1 Chennai Rahul Not Available Ganesh 09/05/21 24/05/21
Charger 2 Chennai Rahul Available NA NA NA

The portable chargers are available with me, Chennai owners can make use of this opportunity.


@Rahul I would need your help in lending a portable charger for a couple of days. There is some storm water drain work in progress and I cannot take my inside my home to charge using the Dot. Planning to charge at a friends place for a couple of days.

Hi @Rahul , I am in need of APC for some days as I am going to my relation home along with scooter so planning to charge via that sir.

@Rahul I need the Community APC for two days as am traveling.

@Rahul I want to borrow the community charger till Friday (10/1/20), as I have some extensive usage till then.

@Rahul I need the Community APC from 12th to 15th feb as am traveling.

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@Rahul I need the community charger for one day.

Regards Dhruv

@Rahul I would like to take the community charger for one day

Regards Dhruv

Has picked it up.

Hi @Rahul bro , Can I get the Portable charger till Sunday? 1st March 2020. ?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Has collected it.

Hello @Rahul taking portable for a day .

Regards Dhruv

Has picked it up from me this afternoon.

@Rahul Ji, need community charger for two days. Will come and collect it.

Has taken the charger.

@Rahul I need the portable charger as my dot is not working for a few days , as service technicians are not available for visit.

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Has picked it up today.

@Rahul I need APC for a week since my home is locked cause of corona and Iā€™m unable to access my Dot and Iā€™m staying outside too. Please do the needful, TIA.