Chasis number displayed on the app

Chasis number displaying on the app will be very helpful since we have to check the scooter every time we need this information. Just beside the same place where the registration number is displayed in hte profile section (red circle):

I don’t know how usefull is this since chasis number is something we rarely use. We use it only for specific requirements.

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It will be mentioned on insurance policy

Whenever I am filling up a form or whenever I am asked for it. Definitely does not hurt for it to show up.

Yes, but in-app it is just a single click away and I can check it anywhere, just like the registration number

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Ideally if you have uploaded the documents on your dashboard, like the insurance policy, you should already have that available on the scooter as well as app.


Good point, that did not strike me, still it would not hurt to have it on the app by default

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