Charging grid differentiation

Is it possible to differentiate between grid 1.0 and 2.0 in the ‘find the charger’ tab of Ather app. Like the Tesla does, it shows the capacity of the chargers. This will be helpful for users to chose b/w the two grids. There is a significant charging differenc

e b/w the both.

Most of the grids will be converted in grid 2.0 So i don’t think it would be needed to provide this feature

Until conversion

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both of the chargers offer same speed for the 450x,I think just 2.0 needs lesser maintenance so less chances of it not functioning and OTA updates so whats the need of differentiating? having one free nearby is a blessing

No… I have seen a significant difference in charging speed. In gen 1 - gives 1.5% per minute but in gen 2 it’s 2% per minute till 70% of charge

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