Charging ather 450x

Hi can anyone help in clearing my below doubts.

  1. Is it mandatory to charge the vehicle atleast for once a month even if it is not in use?
  2. Will the battery warranty becomes void If it is not charged for certain number of days?
  3. Is it good to shutdown the vehicle frequently?

Hi @yesvanthmohan

  1. Not mandatory. Think of what you might do with a phone. You would ensure minimum charge availability at any given time. I would suggest that you treat the vehicle similarly, preferably keep it within 20 to 80% for long term battery health. ‘Shutdown’ the vehicle especially if you’re not going to use it for a long stretch to conserve battery.
  2. No.
  3. Yes, it is safe to shutdown the vehicle regularly.
  1. Frequently charging it’s good for battery life
  2. No
  3. Planned to not using more than 3days. Then shutdown is best option .
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