Charger Refund

Not yet received email

I have not yet received Ather charger refund still.any updates on the charger refund process Ather team.

I have a suggestion for people waiting for their charger refund: 1). Check your invoice for the amount charged. 2). Put a message to the username Mr. Rohit Dalvi (you may find it in the chat above). 3). Share your Order ID (Found in invoice) and registered contact details. 4). Patiently wait, as soon as he replies within a few day’s you’ll get the form on your app.

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Purchased Date: 18/10/2022 Didn’t get the refund form and saw Ather social media post that they have pushed refund forms to everyone who is eligible and those who didn’t get it should call the refund helpline, Called them immediately and they asked me to wait and it was 10th or 12th October 2023 and they asked me to wait till 20th October 2023 , I called them again on 24th October 2023 and now they asked me to reply with my Invoice copy, RC and a Cancelled cheque to , which I did on 25th October 2023 and was waiting , also saw a reply from Ather team here in forums about the refund and I DM him with my invoice copy and also told him that I have sent the mail already, he replied 4 days later and asked me to wait , Got the refund form in App on 4th November 2023 and filled it immediately and sent (asked only Bank details) , today i.e 9th November 2023 I got my charger refund credited to my bank account :grinning:


I have purchased Ather 450x on2nd February 2023 but still refund not received.

Purchased my vehicle in August of 2022, and still haven’t gotten my refund link. Just tired of contacting refund helpline, they just say wait it will come sir, sent them the mail with cancelled cheque and RC photo and still no response I’ve emailed again asking for an update and still no response. Why has your companies attitude towards your customers changed so much.

Send the invoice copy to @rohit.dalvi via DM , he shall help you , soon you will get the form in the App

Done that, he has not responded.

same with me, purchase date - 25/Jan/2023. Opened tickets about refund and got a call from escalation and told me that nov last is official deadline for all the refunds. Recieved ticket reply to send copy of RC, Account details to, did that. Received the refund form on 4/Nov/23 and got refund on 9/nov/23 at last.

I got confirmation email for refund still got wats up messages for refund, I done it again, no further news. I demand a customer care email or phone number for easy acess for customers.

I had purchased my scooter 2nd hand. The transfer took over a month as it was an inter state transfer. However that ordeal is over and it’s done. Next I was trying to get the app updated which they cannot do till the end of November as per their mail. The mail also mentions that I can get the charger refund by sending a mail. I have already done that along with the required attachments. Hope this comes quickly.

Ather seriously needs to update their backend services.

Anyone has a 350w charger to sell? I can exchange my 750w to your charger. Ping me on 99451 66556.

Hi All, good evening. I bought my Ather on 17th June 2022. It has been around 18 months now. As per my invoice, I have paid approx. 5600 for charger. I received mail from Ather common mail channel regarding the charger refund 3-4 months back. Now, exactly a year after I bought it, I have sold the vehicle and don’t have access to the Ather app. Now, I was asked to send the cancelled cheque and RC by mail, and I sent them twice in October itself. No revert yet. Even customer care people are not giving proper timelines. Even managers arent giving callbacks.

How can u get charger refunded form

i was already filled the form and responded from Ather approximately 1 month ago. bit still not received any amount. i was mailed Ather 4 times but they can’t resolved my issue.

I purchased my Ather 450 + on 21 oct 2022 but still i am not get any form on Ather app and also not received email for charger refund Requested to Ather company please check

I am still not getting any update regarding charger amount refund, i purchased 450 plus on 21 oct 2021 Not recevied any call, email and form from Ather side, Anyone please help me about how to get this

You might not be eligible then. Do check your invoice if you’ve been charged for it.

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I have received email regarding refund processed but I have not received refund in my bank account

I have received email regarding refund processed but I have not received refund in my bank account What to do in such case

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