Charger Refund

Haha tit for tat :joy:

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Purchased in 20th Oct. 2022, still waiting for form, is anybody got a form who purchse in Oct. 2023

Same 17th October 2022 purchased , No form received yet

Purchased on 4th October. Got refund form on 30th August. But still refund not received in bank

Purchased on 14/3/23 Ather 450x still no word from Ather is this right you think Ather can charger money for subscription but not our refund.if there is any delay from our side in some pending amount while u book the Ather they call us multiple times and now they have our money so understand…

Purchased on April 7th 2023 and got the form today. Today, I did purchase the 1999 subscription plan and after purchasing it, in few hours got the form link…Could be coincidence…now will wait for refund

Purchased on 21 March 2023 and got the form just now and filled it

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Hey guys,

Today I got refund form in Ather app, I gave Name & Bank details.

Date of purchase April 1st 2023

I didn’t purchased subscription plan, but still got form.

It is not based on subscription I think soo. :blush:

I got the refund form in Ather app…i have filled the bank details and submitted,it showed 16 to 20 weeks you will get ur money transfered to ur account…amount ₹19,980…

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I got the refund form today 20 sep 2023 in Ather app…i have filled the bank details and submitted,it showed 16 to 20 weeks you will get ur money transfered to ur account…amount ₹19,980…

I bought Ather 450x on Jan 2023.Still refund form not received.Is any one know which order they are releasing refund form and processing refund?.I can see some person who purchased vehicle on 2022 still not receive refund form but some person who purchased on March or April 2023 got refund form.It is confusing

It’s shear luck bro

Finally received Refund form date of purchase

31-01-2023 Thank you Ather :pray:t2:

Date of mail : 2 June 2023

Date of form received: 20 sep 2023

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I think so.When i dropped email to Ather and they replied “It is processed as Phased Manner”.I dont know which phased manner they processing the refund

It is in “PHASED MANNER” just they don’t know what phase they are on. They are also committed to refund in timely fashion but don’t even have a tentative timeline for anything. When these questions are raised through emails then we are ghosted by the support team.

cc: @tarun @abhishek.balaji @smridhi.kalati I have very little hope that anything fruitful will come out of this but yeah giving it a shot.

@tarun if the endgame is to sell or bring up for IPO, you should start clearing up repo of the company, begin with shutting this forum down.


Bought on 8th March 2023 and have received the email . But still no luck on the form

Finally recieved refund form Date of purchase 19-01-2023

I also got refund form totay date of purchase 18.03.2023 saying 19775 rs as refund

They just asked bank account number and ifsc code will post update when amount will reflect in my account.