Charge % per ride

Most users wanted to see how much charge % spent for each ride, which is not available either in the app or in the vehicle.

There is a simple way to compute.

Travel distance / Projected Range * 100

Charge used for the above ride was 4.17%

It’s just one line to add in the ride statistics. Ather can consider adding it, as it will be very useful when we take the same route multiple times & will know how much charge will be consumed approximately.


That won’t be much of a help ig on the long run. Just the efficiency explains the rest of the stuff. Like the battery used for this ride is (4.8km * 28Wh/km) = 134.4 Wh. Which divided by the total usable capacity like 3240 Wh and multiplied by 100 would give around 4.15%

What we truly require would be a detailed expansion on the battery capacity and how is it used in idle state and running state.


Exactly, with this considerable idle drain, it would be very useful to see how much charge percentage was used in idle state vs riding since the last full charge.


Hello, My Ather 450x battery is draining rapidly during small rides. Should I visit EC or SC?

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