Changing Rear/Front brake pads on ather 450, 450x etc with part numbers

Here is the procedure and part number of brake pads to change the rear wheel brake pads on Ather 450 and 450x. I have installed this on 450 gen 1 and it the same fit and make provided on Ather. Parts used.

  • Pulsar NS 200 rear brake pads (original) manufactured by bybre the same model and make used by Ather too. If you dont want to waste time and energy going to Ather to install it . One can install it directly at home. Takes about 5 minutes or so .

This is the part number from Pulsar NS 200 from bajaj manufactured by Bybre same as part used in Ather

Remove the two pins by using a nose plier or cutting plier. remove the center shaft by gently tapping from outside

once removed , remove the worn put brake pads . Insert the new ones in place and put back the center shaft and the retaining pins back .

Note: Do not apply brakes while doing this process.

Front brake pads part number.

Note: I have not tested front brakes myself , have tested only the rear brake pads and its working perfectly fine on Ather 450. Parts used are common among the various models from hero and Honda vehicles.


Nice post , i feel A video may help better


As I was the only person changing the brake pads could not take video , will try to make a video for front wheel brake pads replacement shortly.


@power_light2000 saw your post on front brake pads , As I have pulsar 200 NS too , I had cleaned my brake pads recently , Ather 450 front pads looks similar to the 200 ns front pads. Do you have info if they are the same, except on Pulsar 200 ns its a 2 piston caliper and on Ather its 3 piston caliper. As brakes are from Bybre need a matching pads , and how is the Honda glamour pads used in the front of Ather, please share your experience of braking power .


Ather uses a Different kind of friction material on the OEM parts, I guess that’s why they are expensive, I have tried for front 3 types from Hero Glamour FI OEM part, a Chinese one and one from amazon (NIKAVI), and so far only Glamour OEM part was most equal to Ather’s and other’s have different problems like brake slip, squishy braking even though it was bled, no brakes during raining(dangerous) and for the rear, you can choose the one’s found on Pulsar series the Bybre caliper is same and won’t affect the performance, but choose only OEM parts if the friction material is too hard it will prematurely wear out the brake discs.


Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I will definetely share my experince after changing rear brakepads

Please share video if you are changing brake pads your self , or include pictures please so that it helps others. Just to change brake pads by Ather it take whole day and need to fix an appointment , if its DIY , it hardly takes 5 minutes and part is available at local automobile store.

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Updated Front brake pads with part numbers and photos for reference .