CCS2 to Ather converter

Hello team, it would be great if a CCS2 to Ather proprietary converter was available. Possibly with reduced size and faster charging than Dot. This could help use govt infrastructure all along cities and enable long drives.

Check this: AtherGrid Locations

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I guess that’s what he’ll be doing from now on :stuck_out_tongue: maybe he could make the tesla supercharger network to also support ather charging :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::pleading_face:

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Or if the portable charger could be used as fast charger by enabling in app or any other mechanism. If possible then this function could be restricted for limited usage or could be enabled by additional small charge for small duration i.e. a week or so…

This could help in longer commutes if needed by someone…

What i would like to emphasis is Ather should be compatible with Public fast charging facility provided by Govt & non-Ather vendors. If it is not so, then if we need to charge with only Ather grid points for fast charging, then paying this hefty price when compared to other players in the market goes useless.

When Ather talks about community all the time, it is their responsibility to make this by default. If not Ather is no better than a Chinese company which gives at affordable price.

I believe, all Ather users will agree with this point.

Fast charger gig is bulky and is not a software thing. It needs a hefty AC line too.

This is the whole point I was talking about. Unfortunately the CCS2 chargers do not have the normal plug points with them like Ather points have. Either Ather being compatible or a mandate that requires normal plug. Now both seems far.